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Great until they're not - Backend Software Engineer Fast Enterprises Employee Review

    1. 3.0
      Nov 8, 2023
      Backend Software Engineer
      Former Employee, more than 5 years
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Decent culture on site (HOWEVER, I have heard this varies wildly depending on team). Good pay and benefits, intangibles. Met some genuinely talented and interesting people with my time at FAST. Moving to a project location is expected and is a benefit at first.


      Development center culture is not good. One of the main reasons I left is because I saw what my future would look like as a 8+ year employee and realized that I would be an alcoholic, cynic, or both. There's a bitterness that comes with tenure at FAST and it breeds discontent and bad attitudes across the company. The software product is very mature and there does not appear to be much interest in exploring modern technologies (e.g. open source, cloud native, modern web development, containerization). Because of this, career growth is a big problem; there is little incentive to grow your engineering skills. Their development environment is very siloed by proprietary technologies. Advice for out-of-college hires: you will need to stay current on your skills outside of work if you want a career elsewhere later.


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      1. 5.0
        Nov 1, 2023
        Implemtation Consultant
        Former Intern
        Charleston, WV
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        what a cool place to work


        the hours are longer than I would have liked

        1. 1.0
          Nov 23, 2023
          Former Employee, less than 1 year
          CEO Approval
          Business Outlook


          Good benefits and decent pay.


          During my time at FAST, I encountered notable challenges that affected my overall experience. While I anticipated a flexible work environment, there were inconsistencies in the remote work policy. Specifically, I was initially told before being hired that I would have the flexibility to work remotely two days a week. However, after starting, this arrangement was unexpectedly changed on numerous occasions. Moreover, the office atmosphere proved to be less than ideal for a positive work environment. I experienced firsthand a manager who exhibited both misogynistic and abelist behavior. This manager was excessively controlling and belittling, impacting not only my experience but also that of several other employees. Given these experiences, I would strongly advise individuals, especially those with disabilities and from minority groups, to carefully evaluate whether this company aligns with their values and needs before considering employment.


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