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      Apr 19, 2023

      I guess they want to do my job?

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      Co-workers, guests, location, snow, skiing, job duties, assisting our guests and solving problems, selling products,s and making everyone happy by finding their lost items.


      My pay - I've been with this company for 17 years, and they want to pay me $2 more than a brand-new employee, which starts at $20 per hour. I'm one of the best Guest Services Associates that we have. They only offered me $22 an hour to return for the next winter coming off of one of my best seasons ever. I received so many guest shoutouts, positive performance reviews, and mentions from our guests that I earned myself a Black Diamond Award, making me a Double Black Diamond Award Winner. These things are easy to win. I do not understand why they would offer me such an insult of a wage and an embarrassing amount when you've been with the company for so long, and you're a supervisor with superior customer service skills. I declined their offer with a heavy heart as I loved my job, our guests, and my co-workers.

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      Feel free to post any interview questions you might be asked and I’ll help you compose an effective response :)


      Project Manager

      I interviewed at new company for the same role I currently do, so I have all the skills they need and more. I went through 5 stages of interviews, including pp in person and final 1 was on Friday over week ago. I was expecting to have news by last Friday. No news, so I emailed them last Friday asking for indication when can I expect the results,but we have Tuesday evening today, and no one emailed me back. This is the 1st time I have to wait so long after final interview for news-Should I worry?



      How long to typically hear back from a mid-sized company (200-300 people) after an initial interview? Their internal recruiter told me “a few days” and it’s been a week. Interview went very well (I thought!) Thinking of following up on Thursday if I don’t hear.


      Customer Service Representative

      A sign? Sheer luck, or coincidence? The stars are aligned? Is there a full moon tonight? I kid you not... I was in the middle of writing a follow up email to a recruiter for a job I applied to almost 2 weeks ago. As I was about to hit send, I noticed an email from that very company that arrived like a few minutes earlier with: "Next steps - Interview" *been off 13+ months, only 2nd interview. Wish me luck!!!🤞