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    1. 5.0
      Jun 7, 2023

      Great Company

      Chat Agent
      Former Employee
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      Great company, fun work environment


      There are no downsides. No micro managing

      1. 5.0
        May 5, 2023
        Billing Manager
        Current Employee, more than 1 year
        Los Angeles, CA
        CEO Approval
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        I've been working at LivePerson (LP) for around 2 years. The company truly values its employees and fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity. The leadership team dedicates themselves to providing opportunities for growth and development, and they consistently encourage employee feedback and input. One of the things I appreciate most about LP is its focus on mental health and work-life balance. The company offers flexible schedules and remote work options. The benefits package includes health insurance, 401(k) matching, and Unlimited PTO. The technology LP develops is cutting-edge and exciting to be a part of. It's great to be part of a team at the forefront of the digital customer experience. Of course, no workplace is perfect, and there are occasional challenges and hiccups like in any other company. However, the leadership team is proactive in addressing issues and concerns, and they genuinely care about the well-being of their employees. Overall, I highly recommend LivePerson as a fantastic place to work. It's a dynamic and innovative company with a bright future, and I'm proud to be a part of it.


        I wouldn't say I have any cons specifically about the company. Periodically, you deal with fellow peers who can drive you up the wall, but that happens in ANY company. Ultimately, it is how you manage the relationship with those individuals to ensure you stay focused.

        1. 1.0
          Jul 15, 2023
          Software Development Engineer (SDE)
          Former Employee, more than 1 year
          CEO Approval
          Business Outlook


          Good benefits (Standard) Remote work


          This is a 25 yr old company that is still unable to make profits and is barely surviving on a few premium customers who are overpaying for this terrible outdated bot software. This will end soon because of emerging AI tech and that will be the end of it. Top/middle management is living in a bubble. Most of them quit the company and sold their stock when it was high. Mr CEO comes and gives some abstract speeches from his living room or backyard who has no clue about the ground reality. VPs/Directors are extremely incompetent and you will wonder what exactly they do all day. Some high-tech positions are held by non-technical folks. There is no new/innovative product work happening other than trying to milk on existing outdated software that won’t last long. Some history, the original software was created decades ago by some brilliant engineers (based in Isreal). They also acquired some companies with excellent engineers. But there is constant churn/restructuring/politics/layoffs. There is so much instability that the outside world has no idea. Actual product support and development are so chaotic. There is zero structure. There are always layoffs (throughout the year). Don’t trust any equity in the offer letter as it will not be honored. There is no package with the layoff. H1Bs are laid off without even blinking an eye. So, you might ask why would anyone join. I was naive and didn’t know. They showed me a rosy picture and I went without any reference check from my network.


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