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  1. 5.0
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    Quantrix is growing and a fun place to work

    Feb 9, 2022 - Manager in Boston, MA
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    Quantrix is a small team inside of a much larger corporation. It has all of the startup flavors (different hats, huge impact, exciting professional growth) but with the security of big company benefits, back office, and bill paying. Being part of IDBS/Danaher also means there are a lot of programs for personal well being and systemic focus on diversity and inclusion. If the growth is sustainable, Quantrix is likely to attract external investment and perhaps compete with larger planning companies such as Anaplan and Adaptive Insights (Workday). That is the goal anyway.


    More bureaucracy than probably there could be. The answer to most challenges is more "standard work", which means more processes and metrics to manage. The processes are all super useful and effective but require lots of overhead to keep on top of, and can detract from the actual work that needs to be done.

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