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Overview - Resident Care Coordinator Sunrise Senior Living Employee Review

    1. 4.0
      Sep 13, 2023
      Resident Care Coordinator
      Current Employee, more than 5 years
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Residents Room to Grow. Sunrise hire within so you are always considered first. Caring team. Most of the staffing are caring and understanding. life happens! Appreciation gift for tenure employees. Gift cards and parties for holiday and summer. Offer Benefits. They give you the option to apply for health care, dental, vision etc. Open door policy. if you have questions or concerns. Pay is not so bad and there is room to grow within.


      Work life balance get calls throughout the day and night for everything. Benefits are not as good as other places. Call offs happens all the time and if you have small kids it can be difficult. You are Over the biggest department, a lot falls on you with resident care and making sure task are getting done and call lights answered in a timely manner.

      Hi, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with a review of your team member experience. We are pleased to hear that your experience has been overall positive. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any additional questions regarding team member experience at Sunrise!

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      1. 5.0
        Aug 30, 2023
        Vice President
        Current Employee
        McLean, VA
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Opportunities for impact and growth


        Leadership Changes at C-suite level

        Hi, It is wonderful to know that you had such a positive experience as a team member of Sunrise. If you have additional questions, you are welcome to contact Thank you! – The Sunrise Team

        1. 2.0
          Oct 28, 2023
          Activities Assistant
          Current Employee, less than 1 year
          Charlotte, NC
          CEO Approval
          Business Outlook


          I was often given freedom to run activities and create them for residents. It demands very little but you have to be a self starting person. Great for people who prefer to work on their own with little management


          There is very little guidance when you do have questions and run into issues. They are very brief on the hands on training so you often feel lost. Management is not very forgiving if you do not know how to perform your job functions. It is rare they even communicate with subordinates and the residents as well. They often prioritize sales over everything including residents needs and the care teams needs to get task done. Often overlook employees to move up in the company while not offering more compensation for time spent with the company

          We are constantly looking for ways to maintain a supportive and productive work environment and enhance the working experience for our team members. We would like to hear more about this experience, as all feedback is important. If you’d like, you can share more information at, so we can follow up. Thank you, The Sunrise Team

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