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    Apr 20, 2020 - Anonymous Employee 
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    I can't find any pros working for this company


    This company is a nightmare! The company itself is unethical, low pay, and verbally abusive by the owner. There's no growth within the company. If you are looking for a job just to get by, I guess it's ok. I would be surprised if you make it more than 3 months. Many people has been fired the past year by the owner quote "I don't like them" The owner doesn't know anything about SEO, marketing, or PCC but he likes to be in control quote "I've been in this business for15 years, I know better than you" For sale people, the goal he set is unrealistic. NO ONE HAVE EVER ARCHIVED IT. And of you don't achieve it he called you "Lazy". The owner like to bad mouthing everyone in the office even the one that no longer working there. The owner is very cheap and try to make every penny out off customers in a very unethical way. If you looks at customers reviews for the business, you'd see why the review is only 3.7. The pay is really low, if you're looking for a raise you WILL NEVER GET IT. The benefit is alright only just for you not for your family. Up till these day, he still hasn't realized that many people has suffered from his verbally abusive language and unorganized work system. WHAT A SHAME!

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