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Can't say I regret it. - Aerospace Medical Technician US Air Force Employee Review

    1. 4.0
      Sep 30, 2023
      Aerospace Medical Technician
      Former Employee, more than 5 years
      San Antonio, TX
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      GI Bill + other help with school. VA disability. Your troops and peers are basically like family.


      I was miserable on the job my last 2 years as a medic because I was still wiping old peoples' messes up and taking orders from every nurse on the ward, but I really can't say it wasn't worth it. 3 years later, after getting paid to get my CS degree, I can still afford to live on my own while searching for a job. I can also decide to pursue a Master's degree because I still have more GI bill left + Texas gives 120 credits of free tuition to veterans.

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      1. 5.0
        Dec 5, 2023
        Current Employee
        Boston, MA
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Good benefits and family balance


        Limited progression with competitive promotions

        1. 2.0
          Nov 15, 2023
          Security Forces Patrolman
          Current Employee, more than 5 years
          Schriever AFB, CO
          CEO Approval
          Business Outlook


          Amazing benefits for education and healthcare. Our son's birth was free thanks to tricare. You also can get the opportunity to travel and see the world. Opportunities to make the best friends you have ever mad in your life.


          This career took a lot out of me, and took a huge toll on my marriage. Almost got a divorce because I was so tired and stressed from work that when I got home I was pretty much in zombie mode and did not want to do anything which put my wife in a bit of a depression. Even on days off I just wanted to sit at home all day and do nothing. It was not that physically taxing, but the amount of mental and emotional strain it put on me was a little insane. Dealing with the same people with the same problems was very draining. Also dealing with some coworkers that could not figure out their jobs or getting in trouble that I had to deal with. The leadership also did not make it any easier. They changed the way we do our jobs so often that nobody ever knew what was going on or the proper procedures to do things and then we get yelled at because we aren't doing things the right way. Communication also sucked.

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