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    1. 3.0
      Jan 23, 2019

      overtime everyday...

      Anonymous Employee
      Former Employee
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      The benefits were the discounts and holidays


      overtime pretty much everyday e.g if expected to finish at 10:45pm, we would often finish around 12. After we would complete our allocated task and think we would finally be able to go home, we would be sent to another floor to help out and if you would ask if you could go home, they would say could you stay for longer regardless of you having a shift the next day. Everyone would be overworked. In the Oxford street branch, there was also issues with the air con during summer, hence customers would constantly complain and staff would feel like they would faint, however nothing was done about it

      1. 5.0
        Aug 31, 2023
        Former Employee, more than 3 years
        Ontario, CA
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Good people if you're lucky.


        if you're unlucky or don't suck up, you might just work alone or never get a raise

        1. 2.0
          Sep 17, 2023
          Sales Associate
          Former Employee, more than 5 years
          Boston, MA
          CEO Approval
          Business Outlook


          The pros working here are definitely the discount and the people that you meet along the way. Also the retail experience since the company is very fast past.


          If you not into a structured environment this isn’t the place to work. The company is very strict towards customers and employees and as the years go by you start to feel how much working for this company actually drains you until you reach your limit to leave.

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