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Updated Sep 22, 2022

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Epic Founder and  CEO Judith R. Faulkner
Judith R. Faulkner
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  • "The pay is good for the typical age of the Epic employee (more on that in a bit)(in 428 reviews)
  • "The people I work with are great and are one of my favorite parts of the job.(in 375 reviews)
  • "great benefits and challenging(in 346 reviews)
  • "big and beautiful campus(in 331 reviews)
  • "Great coworkers and very food food at the office(in 307 reviews)
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  1. 2.0
    Former Employee, more than 1 year

    So-so experience overall

    Feb 28, 2019 - Technical Services in Verona, WI
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    - Cool campus - Subsidized food - Smart people - Great for gardeners -- free plot of land to garden - Good training program - Judy is smart and entertaining to listen to - Not terrible for an out-of-college job - Overall pretty good software (both internal tools and product offered to healthcare organizations)


    - Experience varies by team. If you're on a bad team AND have a bad manager, then good luck. - TLs are not always good at people management; they're just good at their jobs. Poor management runs rampant throughout the organization as nothing is done about it. - NOT RESULTS-DRIVEN! You HAVE to log at least 8 hrs a day, or else you get flagged. This is one of the only 'tech' companies I've worked for that is NOT results-driven, but driven by how much time you dilly dally and waste just at work. Bad philosophy. - PTO must be taken for sick time and doctor's appointments. There's not even that much of PTO given. - Stingy company in terms of money spent towards employee morale and support. There's no sense of empathy given to employees here. You're just another cog in the wheel. I had to pay >$1k out of pocket for a company trip once that was canceled due to weather. Never happened anywhere else I worked. - Unfair compensation. At my time of employment, they were paying me 67k after working for one year at Epic while paying new hires 73k out of college with no experience. Nothing you can do about it. Talk to your peers about compensation -- this needs to be more transparent. - Epic's growth has slowed tremendously, so your job may not be as stable as you think. - Programming language that's used at Epic is so outdated. It doesn't set you up for success at other places. - Very limited amount of snacks in break rooms, especially for a 'tech' company.

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  2. 3.0
    Former Employee, less than 1 year

    not worth it if you're not a type A

    Mar 18, 2016 - Quality Assurance in Verona, WI
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    I was hired right out of college to do QA; I was excited at the opportunity. The benefits were insane (healthcare was so cheap but a great plan). I do know a couple people who have flourished at the company and get great benefits because they are hard-core, driven, pushy, type As. (Although I still think Epic will undervalue your talent if you're that driven!) But relatively simple job to get right after college with no experience and have something nice on your resume.


    The interview process was lengthy for the job, especially since they requested I interview for 3 positions when they ended up only offering me the one I originally applied for. But hey I can't complain that much about that since I got a job. I spent a LOT of time training on things that mostly did not prepare me for my actual role. I would have done a lot better with more guidance up front on day-to-day tasks rather than months on company culture and parts of the software I would never see or touch or work on... ever. Once I got over feeling overwhelmed with what I didn't know, I soon became extremely overwhelmed with the workload. I can't even imagine what Project Managers and other roles had to go through. The expectations were a little crazy for the salary. I was working late all the time and had little guidance or support. The lack of hierarchy on certain levels was frustrating as well. I have no idea how to rank the "Senior Management" below because I have no concept of that other than the fact the Judy was the big boss and I had a mentor who had only worked there not much longer than I had. Also, the turn around was insane.

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