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Updated Jun 16, 2020

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I recently received an offer from iProspect (part of Dentsu) I’ve heard ups and downs about this company. I currently work for a great company and not sure if I should leave. The new opportunity pays a lot more than I currently make. Does anyone have any advice about this company and whether I should take the job or not?



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  • "During my time there, I saw a few layoffs.(in 7 reviews)
  • "Poor leadership led to the slow, spiral of job cuts, people quitting and clients leaving.(in 6 reviews)
  • "Meanwhile, managers were evaluated based on their own representations of performance with little to no feedback from their team or coworkers.(in 4 reviews)
  • "Inept management(in 4 reviews)
  • "Better communication and collaboration between departments is happening and will continue to improve.(in 3 reviews)
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Reviews about "hr department"

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  1. 2.0
    Former Employee, more than 1 year

    Much Hype, But Not a Great Place to Work

    Sep 6, 2016 - Anonymous Employee 
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    -Fun, creative work space right in the heart of downtown SLC. Locations in WA and Silicon Valley now as well (w/ReadyPulse) -Well stocked kitchen for all employees -Good individual team culture -Some awesome, smart co-workers that are a pleasure to work with and learn from. -Many great brands are clients and are fun to work with. -Great discounts from many brands -401k match


    -Complete lack of clear personal and team goals. Our team was never given personal or team goals to execute against in 2016. This was brought up many times but fell on deaf ears with upper management. How do you judge performance and bonus potential without goals? Beats me. -No employee reviews. Employee reviews were sporadic at best, and non-existent at worst. How do I Know if I'm meeting my manager's expectations? How do I know if I'm doing a good job? How do I know what I need to work on? Again, beats me. -Many managers seemed to have little to no idea how to lead an entire team of people. -Poor interdepartmental communication. -Lots of talk about the influencer marketing vision, but complete lack of execution and direction from upper management. It seems that signing new clients just for the sake of getting new contracts always trumped bringing on clients that actually understood the value proposition of influencer marketing. -Took forever to get bugs fixed and new products released causing huge pain points for clients and Experticity employees. -High employee turnover. Many employees mysteriously 'left' on their own after short periods of time. Either upper management doesn't know how to hire the right people for the job, and unfairly let them go after a short time, or the people realized how disorganized it seemed and left on their own. -False promises hyping the company. Lots of talk about how incredible and great Experticity is, and how well the company is doing, but poor budget management and lack of clear goals lead to layoffs and employees leaving on their own. Here's an idea, don't sugarcoat everything so that employees have a clear picture of what is going on within their own company. If it's not going so well communicate that message clearly. -Open PTO. I never thought I'd say this, but it's a joke. I'd rather have 3 weeks of accrued vacation time than open PTO. It sounds like a great perk until you realize how incredibly awkward it is to actually take vacation days when people pass judgement if you take much more than a long weekend. Furthermore, great for the company (and only the company) since if you decide to leave they don't have to pay out unused vacation time, and they can let you go before you decide to actually use it as well. -HORRIBLE 401k investment options. Employees brought this up with the 'HR department' many times, and it fell on deaf ears. -This brings me to the 'HR department.' There isn't an official HR department. Incredibly unprofessional in my opinion.

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    ExpertVoice Response

    Technical Recruiter

    Thank you for taking the time to review your experience here at Experticity! We have created overall company goals which was set up in 2014 and connected to every department, team, and individual employee. I am sorry to hear your team lost track of that, it’s a huge part of our culture here. You should also be set up to have weekly one on one’s with your direct manager. This would be a time where you work on your current and future goals. We also have at the very least yearly reviews, some departments will do every six months and some quarterly, again I am sorry to hear your team lost track of this. There were no false promises hyping the company. We’ve actually doubled revenue in the last 18 months and still on track for profitability in 2017. Open PTO should not be a double edged sword and is there to give people the time off when they need it. HR is included in our finance and talent team. We have at least four individuals who have years of HR experience under their belt. We are implementing some changes but they don’t come overnight. I want to thank you again for bringing some the issues you experienced to light.

  2. 2.0
    Former Employee, more than 1 year

    Not A Safe Place To Work

    Mar 15, 2019 - Project Manager in Salt Lake City, UT
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    Many great people, and some I am still friends with. Fun, progressive, techy culture.


    'Cool kids club' politics where only insiders get promoted. Those who are in leadership are not trained. The company has had several rounds of huge layoffs--NO JOB SECURITY. No alignment amongst departments and leadership; everyone seems to have their own idea of what the company should be doing. The company barely understands what it does and refuses to be realistic about why consumers use the site. Some very unprofessional behaviors (firing people for being pregnant, giving back certain incompetent people their jobs because they whined about it) and no real HR Department. Poor practices around raises and no bonuses, not even for Christmas.

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