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FirstEnergy Employee Reviews about "upper management"

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Updated Sep 22, 2023

Reviews about "upper management"

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    1. 2.0
      Jul 24, 2023
      Front Line Supervisor
      Former Employee
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Good pay and family benefits


      Either you drank the cool aid were one of them or if you didn't you would have a target. They preached safety but had a get it done however attitude when no one was around. Then there was the cooking of the books. One breath they tell you to push timesheets to capital by ficticiously adding a capital item to material list. Did that for years under upper management direction. Have some saved emails from upper managementom upper managementom upper management that fired them off without thinking. I could go on but bottom line terrible place to work, no work life balance, untrustworthy upper management. Oh and did I mention the fake safety records. Unreported injured employees, damaged to company vehicles that I was told to sweep under the rug. A real class act... Not

      1. 2.0
        Mar 16, 2019
        Nuclear Engineer
        Former Employee, more than 5 years
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Friendly co-workers, employee gym, pay


        I worked for one of FirstEnergy's nuclear generating stations for over six years. While I am grateful for my experience, after being gone for over three years and switching to a completely different industry I can confidently say that I would not recommend working here. First, get ready for loads of bureaucracy. You have to jump through hoops upon hoops to get anything done. Money is scarce. Management is top heavy. New ideas are not considered nor even encouraged. The industry has failed to innovate in the last 40 years. Heavy regulations have squashed any room for it. Unless the problem will shut down the plant, good luck getting money to fix it. I saw the writing on the wall the last few years I was there, which is why I jumped ship. A little over a year after I leave FE announces they are shutting down all their nuclear plants. Surprise surprise. When I was there it was a toxic work environment. No one seemed to like their job. You are treated like a number and expected to comply with any and all directives from upper management. Get ready for 72 hour work weeks during refueling outages and getting called in on your off days to deal with urgent issues. The unions make things worse. It's nearly impossible to get anything done as most (not all) of the union workers are lazy. However, if you try to take initiative to get things done, the union is there waiting to file a grievance on you. I once had a Reactor Operator have a meltdown on me while he was on shift in the control room. Yes, you read that right - this happened while he was supposed to be operating a nuclear reactor. When I went to HR about it, it got swept under the rug as they didn't want to disturb the union. There is no room for advancement beyond supervisor level unless you want to obtain your Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) license, which entails multiple years of shift work in the control room.

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      hey guys, i’m an early career professional and I recently interviewed for an entry level role in procurement. is it a red flag if it was hinted / mentioned a few times during the interviews that the role will be stressful? 🥲 I haven’t done much interviewing as I’m pretty fresh in my career so for them to explicitly mention it will be stressful was a first

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      Investment Associate

      How long does it take to get the actual offer letter from Goldman Sachs after a call with HCM? It's been a week and still no updates. The VP from HCM I talked to heavily emphasized that the call was not a guarantee of offer, but that the team really liked me and would like to extend an offer. She also said that she needed time to get approvals from higher ups before she can send the actual letter. Is this usually how it goes with Goldman?



      I recently interviewed for a role that I was very excited about. The interview with the hiring manager was going so well and then he said, “we’re a family here.” It’s a really large company and I have a friend who is on this team and she has said so many amazing things about the company and the job itself. What do y’all think about this? I know it’s often seen as a red flag but all other flags are green. If it helps any, he is not from the US but it is a US based company.


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