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Updated Sep 25, 2023

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  • "The money was good if you are good at sales(in 32 reviews)
  • "Great pay and bonuses monthly(in 31 reviews)

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Reviews about "work from home"

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    1. GoHealth - Sales Consultants  | Division of GoHealth
      Aug 11, 2022
      Senior Benefits Consultant
      Former Employee, more than 1 year
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      The only pro is being able to work from home and meeting some cool co-workers along the way. Not many, but some. Every once in a while you also meet really nice customers.


      So many cons. Low pay, no job security, bad health insurance with high deductibles, disrespectful coworkers, people stealing your sales, constant pressure to sell, angry customers who don't want to go along with the script, and so many more cons. Don't waste your time with this company. You deserve better. It's all luck of the draw. You could be lucky for a few weeks or maybe even a few months. Your luck WILL run out. Lots of managers and agents were just fired unfortunately. Many of them were with Gohealth for YEARS. Job inconsistency: You never know whether you'll be selling Medicare, health insurance to people under 65, or life insurance. Don't get comfortable in your position either because that can change at any time. They recently lost a partnership with another insurance company so everybody was moved to other campaigns and lots of people were fired. If you change campaigns, your schedule could change too and you have NO SAY in what your schedule will be. They do some pointless thing called "shift bidding" but that really means nothing. Most people end up with a schedule they didn't want. I had about 4 or more different schedules in less than a year with the company. I got lucky since most of my schedules were early and I don't have any kids or commitments but lots of single parents who work for the company do have commitments they need to be on time for. Gohealth does not care if their schedule doesn't work for you.. Pay: So many lies when it came to pay. They tell you how much reps can make their first year but realistically, the bonuses are garbage. They'll tell you how there's a rep who made $80k just in bonuses last AEP (the busy season) and how he's making $200k per year. I highly doubt it and if he is, great. I can tell you most people in the campaign I was in were nowhere near $100k per year. Most would be lucky to even get to $55k. For most of the year you'll be making about $800 per week with some small bonuses each month if you sell enough. During training, you'll see all the lies that people were told by recruiters. Some people were told they would receive residual income every year. That is NOT true. Pressure to sell: If you go a few calls without a sale, you have to meet with a manager in zoom and go over what happened on your calls. Some managers were cool and very understanding because lots of calls are garbage. Unfortunately EVERY call counts against your stats. You'll get calls from racist people who just want to complain about any non-white person on the commercials, phone calls where people hang up right away, wrong numbers, cable techs at people's houses or cell phone companies calling in to make sure the phone can dial out, spam calls, and so many more bogus calls. During these coaching sessions they pretty much motivate you to sell to ANYONE who calls in. You'll get in trouble for NOT presenting a plan even if the person who called in has no interest in health insurance. The commercials target old people with the ol bait and switch tactic. The Medicare commercials mention how EVERYTHING is FREEEEE! But wait, there's more! Not only does the commercial mention free dental, no copays, home delivered meals, home health care, and and of other benefits that are usually only available in SOME states and usually if you also have Medicaid... The main thing people call about is the $140+ per month back onto their social security checks every month. Stock: Gohealth (GOCO) in the stock market tanked when they went public. Lots of new changes since gohealth recently got a new CEO now. I feel bad for all my former coworkers because there's no telling when they'll get the boot. I left for another job and I'm so glad I did. My last week there was when they fired a ton of employees. DO NOT work for Gohealth. The pay is just NOT worth the stress. I know people who are happy with the competitors. Plenty of companies will help you get your life and heath licence.

      1. GoHealth - Sales Consultants  | Division of GoHealth
        Feb 6, 2021
        Seasonal Benefit Advisor
        Current Contractor
        Chicago, IL
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Work from home during Covid


        Dissemination of information to sales agents could be better

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