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Updated Jul 1, 2022

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  1. 3.0
    Former Employee

    If you're a kiss up this is the place for you

    Sep 15, 2016 -  
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    Free food, free GoPro (if you're full time), 2 hour recess on Thursdays. That's about it.


    This is a company where in order to get ahead or move up the later you have to kiss some serious butt. I mean going as far as spending the night at your managers place to become pals level. Unfortunately favoritism as well as nepotism ran rampant through the surfboard, soccer ball and hockey stick filled halls. With kids fresh out of college becoming managers because they are so and so's sister. Or instagram fangirls becoming social managers because their boyfriends have high up positions. These are the people who you see after only a few weeks of work are being jet setted off to Europe for 3 weeks to "film". Which from looking at their IG feeds looks like basically a paid for vacation. Which in all honesty puts a downer on moral. Free sodas and gummy bears don't make up for the sting of witnessing this type of behavior when it comes to advancement. If you're a contractor forget about it. Basically you dont get squat, not even the free GoPro "employees" get on their first day regardless if you've been there 3+ or more. Yet they pass them out like hot cakes at social media events or carelessly lose them on video shoots. But like I said if you kiss enough butt you may be able to turn around your contractor status to become full time.Also the pay rate here compared to other companies is laughable. Oh and unless you're a Editor forget about overtime.

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