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  • "The people are great and almost always assume the best of you; I never had bad interactions or felt the need to 'prove myself'.(in 3011 reviews)
  • "great benefits and I do believe they build some of the best products out there.(in 2248 reviews)
  • "Great environment and culture for each individual to proactively dive into what ever they are working on.(in 1748 reviews)
  • "In those positions you can have a good work/life balance and just use all the benefits(in 1522 reviews)
  • "the pay is good and the fellow engineers are very smart(in 1266 reviews)
  • "Long hours and your time put into a position where you may not even advance.(in 563 reviews)
  • "bad management and rude to customers(in 491 reviews)
  • "People are forced out by bad managers via bad annual reviews and PIP program to get there friends in there.(in 422 reviews)
  • "Much work to do and stress(in 206 reviews)
  • "Competitive and late working hours(in 170 reviews)

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Updated Sep 30, 2023

Reviews about "great people"

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    1. 4.0
      Aug 31, 2008
      Software Engineer
      Former Employee
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Incredibly smart and talented engineers. Great people overall: very passionate about what they do and generally very dedicated to the job and their employer. Very cool technology at an incredible scale on the infrastructure side. It's a great machinery. Ability to see all code and work on anything you want, at least as a 20% project.


      Working from outside Mountain View can be tough: from late hour meetings, to generally having at least 20% less influence/impact than you'd have if you were in Mountain View, especially on the making decisions side and driving projects. Fair amount of politics and fighting for key projects, bad co-ordination between teams working in similar areas. The occasional suck-up and getting promoted if you're vocal. But I wouldn't say that's the norm though. Low salaries compared to quality of people and hard work done. High difference in salaries depending on where you came from and how good you were at negotiating them. Very unscrupulous at negotiating everything when it comes to money (from salaries to anything else). Very unscrupulous at using their brand and positive image advantage to the maximum in such negotiations. They treat you like you always have to give something up from your side for the privilege of working with / for them.

      1. 5.0
        Mar 30, 2021
        STEP Intern
        Current Intern, less than 1 year
        New York, NY
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        very flexible and great place to build an amazing skill set with amazing people to learn from


        I dont have any cons

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