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Gordian Employee Reviews about "upper management"

Updated May 27, 2020

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Gordian President William L. Pollak
William L. Pollak
25 Ratings
  • "a lot of free food, good benefits(in 7 reviews)

  • "I work in an Remote Account Manager role and work life balance could be the best benefit of this position(in 3 reviews)

  • Cons
  • "Upper management only cares about sales quotas and pushing the revenue stream without realizing there are only 25 hours in a day(in 3 reviews)

  • "Most of Gordian's senior leadership has departed in the the last 12 months(in 3 reviews)

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    Reviews about "upper management"

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    1. 1.0
      Former Employee, more than 1 year

      Avoid At All Costs

      May 27, 2020 - Inside Sales-RS Means in Greenville, SC
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      Free food sometimes, cool building and location


      No loyalty, Director and upper management will let you go with no warning

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    2. 2.0
      Current Employee, more than 3 years

      Account Manager

      Jun 15, 2016 - Account Manager in San Diego, CA
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      Wide variety of projects to work on. Generous salary and benefits. That's about all I can say that is good.


      Severe work load and laughable training. Co-workers are too busy with their crushing workload to offer assistance. Upper management only cares about sales quotas and pushing the revenue stream without realizing there are only 25 hours in a day... The sales team will claim your bonus at the end of the year, since they "did all the work" in landing the client...

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    3. 1.0
      Former Employee, more than 3 years

      Not for the weak of heart, nor sound-minded

      Mar 16, 2017 - Anonymous Employee in Greenville, SC
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      The culture encountered at Gordian several years back was like family. Each person worked hard to see the company succeed. Each person had pride in walking through the glass doors each day because they had a sense of belonging and purpose. Since being purchased in recent years, the soul of Gordian is not present. Empty shells of employees rinse and repeat each day, all but remembering and regaling for others about when it meant to be happy and satisfied in what you accomplished. Not worrying if they fit into a financial formula for an ominous financial backer, or have a glaring target on their back saying “Next on the chopping block", as most do now. But I digress... it is time to talk about the really important matter at hand.... food! Yes, the food runneth over. You've heard of the Freshman 15 in college, meet the Gordian 15. Birthday celebrations, international holiday celebrations, and leftovers from meetings where they consistently order too much. And I’d be remiss if I left out the free soda fountain. If your purpose in life is to sample the great cuisine Greenville has to offer, then this just might be the place for you.


      Management has no clear direction.... period. Due to the lack of management direction, politics ensue, followed by land-grabbing and casting blame. Most managers over products are not subject matter experts. The end result: creating features and refactoring aspects of a product customers do not want, nor need. The hurried cadence of delivering features and enhancements that will later be refactored due to product manager’s inept ability to grasp their very product is burning out employees. Great, brilliant talent is wasted on voicing inevitable outcomes, only to be faced with said conclusions weeks or months later. Voicing courses of action are in some organizations considered showing initiative and growth. At Gordian it is better described as labeling oneself as a scapegoat for when something, anything goes awry. Marketing is a vital aspect to every organization. It just doesn't need a staff of 30 to serve an employee base of 400. How do you effectively manage 30 employees in a Marketing department? By giving every other person the title of "Manager" or "Director" and layering employees (some of who have duplicitous roles). Marketing is constantly fighting with Sales, who in turn is constantly fighting with Product Management. Finger pointing results in a non-cohesive vision, and each department looking out for itself. HR is a joke. Confidential meetings with HR? Confidential if you consider the end result is almost always shared with executives. Wonder how you are doing as an employee? Wonder how you can better yourself with corrective criticism and be measured by it? Look elsewhere my friend. Each year at Gordian I asked for a performance review. Something to go on record in reflecting my performance. Something to aid in meeting and keeping on pace with my career goals. What I heard back from HR was the same story time and again, "We're working on a performance review and appraisal system for next year." I literally heard that exact statement each year for three years. So what does that afford when you aren't evaluated often, and direction from management is lacking? It allows upper management to cut staff not fully aware of the implications, as they do not know the entirety of the responsibilities of the employee being reduced. After all, employees are an expense, and financial models might not support that expense no matter the talent level, or dedication the employee shows to the company. Work/Life balance…. Such a term is nor mentioned, or acknowledged. One product release in recent years had developers staying until 10pm each night for months. They do have product releases on weekends, although they are trying to streamline and deploy before or after normal business hours during the week.

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