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Updated Sep 30, 2023

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I am a PhD (Korea) in nanotechnology and had several years of post doc experience in semiconductor technology (USA) prior to joining Intel this year. Although I learned a lot about semiconductor industry however, this industry is not something I would love to work. Therefore, thinking about joining consulting path as experience hire however, would like to know the package and working environment for semiconductor technology? It will be great if I can get some referrals in Boston Consulting Group BCG or McKinsey & Company




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  • "Sabbatical is a good benefit and can be used in 1 or 2 months increments.(in 2524 reviews)
  • "Good work life balance if you know what is needed and inner circle of key folks.(in 2313 reviews)
  • "There are many great people at Intel and everybody has the same goals most of the time.(in 1601 reviews)
  • "The pay was good and I felt like I had control over my work schedule for the most part.(in 994 reviews)
  • "Great culture and learning(in 775 reviews)
  • "Poor management and lack of vision(in 668 reviews)
  • "If your manager is bad (which is most of the time) your life will be miserable.(in 582 reviews)
  • "Frequent layoffs and reorgs demotivates teams spirit.Managers are biased.(in 329 reviews)
  • "Long hours and no enough information given out for a site that is more than likely closing(in 265 reviews)
  • "Middle and upper management are in direct revolt against CEO and his plans.(in 175 reviews)

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    1. 4.0
      Aug 1, 2023
      Hardware Verification Engineer
      Current Employee, more than 10 years
      Hillsboro, OR
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Many different groups and opportunities to find your niche. Company was able to develop and maintain it's unique culture and good set of morals values. Company wasn't abusive during pandemic craziness. Intel hasn't forced medical decisions on employees, gave options to work remotely when it was possible. Working at such company you can find experts and gurus almost on every topic and talk to them and learn from them. Good Manager can create and maintain good climate for productive employees for years. Good benefits. Employee can negotiate their own work-life balance (all depends on the manager and position).


      Big company: Bureaucracy. Meetings. Unnecessary negotiations, convergence, reuse, bad code quality. Incompetent first level manager can ruin everything for employees. Competent manager can make it best place to work for you for many years. Low chances for pay increase and a career growth unless you are actively looking for it and switching groups. Big company created tons of legacy code and tribal knowledge, some resources are wasted on maintenance of legacy code, tools without properly addressing underlying issues etc. IMO: Instead of looking for better opportunities to earn money and share profits down the stack Intel is actively is cutting costs and relocating R&D jobs overseas. Company failed to invest in areas of growth. Company sucks on documentation. Every worthy document is protected by specific permissions and is very hard to find.

      1. 4.0
        Jul 30, 2009
        Systems Engineer
        Current Employee
        Chandler, AZ
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        I have been at Intel for over 13 years. I started out as a technician in the Fab and now work as an engineer in an IT Factory organization. I can say that I have had some great times and some miserable times at Intel over the many years. You may read some bad employee reviews about Intel here or at some Intel "hate" sites. Also, you may read some great reviews. I can truthfully say that they are all true, good or bad. Intel is a huge company that spans the entire globe and is divided into hundreds and hundreds of departments that are further broken down into smaller teams or groups. Each of these teams or groups are manged by individual managers often referred to as GL's (Group Leaders) who have their own management style. There are also other layers of management for technicians etc., but too complex to explain here. The point I'm getting to here with this explanation is that the "Intel" experience for each individual employee depends heavily on their manager. Each manager fosters/creates the culture that exists within each team or group. I've had some managers that did not have a clue how to treat people with respect or appreciate the hard work or contributions that individuals or teams would make. There were some managers that did not even have a degree or even experience managing people. In my opinion they belonged working scrapping gum off the pavement under some bridge and they probably could not even do that right. On the other hand I have had some great managers that even turned into personal friends. I have had managers that were visionaries and great leaders that recognized and truly appreciated the work their team performed. Other managers I've had were OK and did a good job and let you do your work without bothering you or trying to "micro-manage" your tasks. Some managers I've had were clueless and you could probably not even come to work for a few days or tag on an extra week vacation and they would not even know you were gone. Some managers I've had would "work from home" also known as WFM. You would go by their cubes and there would be notes on their white boards from a week ago that they did not even erase yet as they obviously were not in to work as they were suppose to be. As you can see there is a very wide span in management skills, integrity and capability. I did not even start with other employees yet. There are some that are nothing but brown nosers looking to get on the good side of management in preparation for the infamous Intel R n R process also known as Ranking and Rating. Some employees are great and a pleasure to work with. Overall, most (90%) employees are easy going but beware some are out to back stab you every chance they get. The key to surviving at Intel as I have for all these years and hopefully for more years to come is to know the system and use this to your favor. Any system can be defeated if you know how it really works. Intel is highly political and also highly technical this is the key. You have to be a politician and also technically sharp. This applies regardless of your job function; technician, engineer, manager, developer, marketing, etc. Always get to know your manager and fellow coworkers and adapt to each job role you are in. Don't compromise your own values or integrity but just be wise and sharp at all times. When you find a manager and team that you feel are most like you personally, ride the wave! You can be very successful and be promoted very quickly. Managers often move around so beware of this also. Overall I give Intel 3.75 stars out of 5 as I feel Intel does not always pay fairly or treat people fairly and does not respect your time off from work. Intel has some good benefits, including: 1. Five + different health insurance options 2. An on site Health and Wellness Center with free yearly exams- they even give you $50 for completing their wellness exam 3. Free unlimited drinks 24 hours a day including, tea, coffee, and soda, decent cafeteria with most meals costing about $5. 4. Free fruit, apples, oranges, bananas, etc. But only one a day though... 5. A vast discount program for many different local and national companies, including Dell, HP, Sony, etc. 6. 401K contributions of about 8% of your gross pay. Not bad, you don't even need to contribute to get the money. 7. An eight week paid sabbatical every seven years. 8. About three weeks vacation a year plus holidays, more or less depending on years of service. 9. Unlimited sick days for salary workers. Beware though as some managers will not like if you call in too much. You may also find yourself having to make up for the time off if you have project deadlnes...


        Every employee at Intel dreads the R n R process that must be done on a semi annual or annual basis (depending on the group and country, etc) for every single employee. The R n R process is suppose to reward the employee who has done more than just come to work and performed their job. I know this sounds crazy. You think- I come to work, work hard, show results, am productive and perform my best and I should get a raise. Well, Intel doesn't think so. This is the number one thing that I think should change and that also causes much distress and dissatisfaction among Intel employees especially engineers. The purpose behind the method used by Intel is to weed out the weak and poor performers who do not innovate or provide continuous improvement. So, what this means is that 40 hours a week at Intel is often not enough to please management. As I stated above the pay at Intel is not always fair. Intel will often pay new workers off the street more than someone who has been working at Intel for years. I have often found myself training someone who had less experience than me yet they were making 10% more than I was... 1. The ranking and rating process is a joke. Yet managers will swear on their grandmothers grave that it is fair. I have managers who are friends of mine tell me how it really works so I know the system very well. It is very subjective and relies heavily on human judgment and perception which is inherently flawed. As I said before get to know your manager and his or hers likes and dislikes and tread lightly..... 2. Base pay can be better now that Intel stock is worthless and profits are down which impacts bonuses.

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