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  • "Sabbatical is a good benefit and can be used in 1 or 2 months increments.(in 2524 reviews)
  • "Good work life balance if you know what is needed and inner circle of key folks.(in 2313 reviews)
  • "There are many great people at Intel and everybody has the same goals most of the time.(in 1601 reviews)
  • "The pay was good and I felt like I had control over my work schedule for the most part.(in 994 reviews)
  • "Great culture and learning(in 775 reviews)
  • "Poor management and lack of vision(in 668 reviews)
  • "If your manager is bad (which is most of the time) your life will be miserable.(in 582 reviews)
  • "Frequent layoffs and reorgs demotivates teams spirit.Managers are biased.(in 329 reviews)
  • "Long hours and no enough information given out for a site that is more than likely closing(in 265 reviews)
  • "Middle and upper management are in direct revolt against CEO and his plans.(in 175 reviews)

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Updated Oct 1, 2023

Reviews about "upper management"

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    1. 2.0
      Mar 10, 2010
      Current Employee
      Austin, TX
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      + Compensation, bonuses, and benefits are great + Upper management keeps everyone informed of what is going on and seems to be competent + Fairly easy to move around to different positions if you aren't happy with your work + Flexible vacation and time off


      - The people. Most people are *very* competitive and will only help you if they have something to gain from it. Even those that aren't competitive often wait days or weeks to respond to an e-mail, and are condescending when they eventually do respond. - Every project is separate and you need permission from multiple managers to even read any documents or access files. Getting permissions often takes several days or even weeks. It feels as if they don't even trust their own employees. - Tools are all custom designed and often (poorly) replicate already available software. Very little documentation is available for them. A major part of my job involves fighting with the tools so I can do my actual job.

      1. 4.0
        Jun 11, 2008
        Senior Software Engineer
        Current Employee
        Hillsboro, OR
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Intel upper management has tried hard the last couple of years to genuinely listen to and act upon employee concerns and suggestions. Things do seem to be changing for the better since the previous downsizing in an attempt to create a leaner and faster responding company. Intel also has some really good benefits in addition to competitive salaries.


        Intel is a large company and as such suffers some of the same politic type issues that all large companies seem to share. Although management is trying to streamline processes, it is fairly slow to implement them, although it is happening slowly. Sometimes I think that Intel is relying too much on certain types engineering job functions offshore. This leads to some awkward meeting times as well as some quality issues that could have been avoided by doing the functions locally.

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