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KingsIsle Entertainment Employee Reviews about "middle management"

Updated Aug 12, 2022

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Reviews about "middle management"

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  1. 2.0
    Former Employee, more than 1 year

    Any port in a storm

    May 1, 2013 - Software Engineer II in Austin, TX
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    Business Outlook


    The bonuses are nice, although how they are calculated and whether they are awarded is opaque. Relatively few layoffs for a game company. They have a good business model, and are less likely than some game companies to go under.


    Opaque management, very little delegation to anyone below the VP level. Crunch, although the decision to crunch all the time is one that actually is left up to producers. Many layers of middle management who can't actually make decisions.

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  2. 1.0
    Former Employee, more than 3 years

    Find another employer

    Mar 28, 2015 - Anonymous Employee in Austin, TX
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    Getting a job here may get you into the industry. The salary might be competitive, but you don't get quarterly bonuses even if projects are profitable. You'll also know exactly what not to do when you leave this company. If you do as little work as possible or you are just interested in getting a job in games to boast about it, you'll make lots of lifetime friends here. They have fun days once in a while (but you'll need to sign a waiver because you are a child that cannot be trusted).


    Worst middle management team you'll ever encounter outside of fast food. Non-art creative decisions are often made by people who shouldn't be creating games. When it comes to really important gaming mechanics, no one wants to risk actually making a decision if it can be put off. Hard work is rewarded with more work. Two faced managers and leads that will never stand up for you. Insanely stupid workflow and deadlines that management pulls out of thin air with no real quantification or technique. Management watches you at all times and probably monitors chat logs.

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  3. 3.0
    Former Employee, more than 1 year

    Amazing team talent, poor management overlords

    Apr 26, 2013 - Anonymous Employee 
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    Great place to work to learn from amazing Artists, Designers and Programmers. Company "Fun Days" are a great way to motivate the team. Working on kids game is both fun and rewarding! Good place to learn and get experience.


    Upper & middle management fails to listening to individuals not on the management team, swept under the rug when concerns or issues arise. Big brother watches over employees and their interaction with others.

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  4. 1.0
    Current Employee, more than 5 years

    A company on the verge of collapse... Getting out before it does!

    Jul 10, 2017 - Anonymous Employee in Austin, TX
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    Business Outlook


    Solid pay for most jobs if you can actually survive the overly self- indulgent interview process. Nice, friendly, talented local people who like to have fun, play all sorts of games and be creative when allowed to be. Lots of underused talent in the studio. Average benefit package with the very occasional company outing or play day. A consistent paycheck for the moment. OK work / life balance if you completely check out and put forth little care or effort towards the sinking ship around you.


    Kingsisle isn't Blizzard or EA, and the last relevant game they shipped is almost 10 years old, but upper management/HR will treat you like you need to be a ROCK STAR just to interview for them regardless. Owner is totally unqualified, narcissistic, rude and apathetic towards his employees. Over the past ten years their two(ish) successful live MMO titles have declined in profitability and the company remains directionless with no sustainable future. Upper management, is filled with sycophants and decision dodgers, who form a wall of exclusion when it comes to making creative or informed decisions. Just trying to get ideas heard by decision makers is judged harshly by middle management and frowned upon. Industry experience and experienced opinions are very undervalued, with very few exceptions. There is an overall fear of accountability throughout all levels of management causing production delays, needless iteration, and stagnation of creativity. This translates to employees whose moral is so low they have little care or input left to give. Ill informed, game design choices and management decisions made by middle and upper management, who are drawing at straws due to lack of experience. Self centered management not company or product focused. No appreciation or understand of current game design standards, analytical data or marketing trends. We know better attitudes on a corporate level, very xenophobic and paranoid about people outside the inner circle . Opaque approach to mobile game development, with zero analytic transparency and zero sharing of company goals and direction. Recent shift to mobile was many years late and volumes of experience short for actual success. Can't ship a product besides content for Wizard 101. 30 to 48 month development cycles for mobile games that if even released become shovelware due to poor marketing, monetization design and analytical expertise. Company laid off the entire marketing department because upper management 'knew better'. Current roster of three 'shipped' mobile games took 4+ years to develop and currently earn less than $15K gross revenue collectively according to App Annie. Very corporate, no game industry culture. No room for growth or advancement anymore, management spots are locked out and upper management are hostile to newcomers. PTO time is ridiculously monitored by the hour with a nickel and dime mentality. Creativity is only encouraged when it comes from upper management brainstorms or select Creativity is only encouraged when it comes from upper management brainstorms or select Creativity is only encouraged when it comes from upper management brainstorms or select middle management followers. Middle management has serious decision paralysis and are ill equipped to lead teams. Lost over 90 employees to layoffs last year thanks to their failed mobile transition and are suffering severe attrition on a weekly basis. Planning to give my notice immediately upon finding another position.

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