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MCI Investment Holdings Employee Reviews about "1 month salary"

Updated Dec 1, 2020

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Ryan Ng
27 Ratings
  • "The colleagues are friendly, outgoing(in 4 reviews)

  • "Work life balance (Rare for a sales role)(in 4 reviews)

  • Cons
  • "Outdated quarterly commission scheme that is not easy to achieve even 3 out of 4 quarters leaving you with basic pay for most part of the year(in 4 reviews)

  • "If you fail to hit sales wil be subjected to pay cut and if you resigned or get terminated you will be required to pay 1 month salary(in 3 reviews)

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    1. 1.0
      Former Employee

      CMI MCI

      Dec 1, 2020 - Consultant 
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Nothing Good except some good colleagues


      1.Management not listening to feedback 2.HR always forced as scapegoat on unfavorable or bad policies 3.Micro managing 4.EP holders watch out as you will be placed on 1 year bond. If you fail to hit sales wil be subjected to pay cut and if you resigned or get terminated you will be required to pay 1 month salary 5. Your seniors will not speak up for you 6. Previous HR person was a good fit for the HR Team but also forced to leave

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    2. 3.0
      Current Employee, more than 3 years

      Every Company has its Pros & Cons

      Sep 22, 2020 - Senior Consultant 
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      CEI Fees (Claimable after completion of 1 year) New joiners attached to a buddy or Mentor Commission scheme not that bad A structure & career progression where you can get promoted and be able to lead a team Increment every 6 months (If you hit your target) Entitled to incentive trip ($300 - $3500) yearly, if you hit your target Entitled to Profit Sharing if you hit your target and other criteria Birthday Leaves & Festive Leaves If you are hitting your KPI or even higher, Seniors will not come and disturb you Work life balance if you know how to handle your time


      Malaysian Fresh Graduates - Bonded 1 year with the company, failing to hit target or resign within 1 year, must pay 1 month salary A very realistic company - If you are able to hit your KPI, you are safe, if you are unable to hit for several months even with help, off you go. Seems like a big company with 100 staff but not very good management skills Manual Jobs - Counting of payroll for your temp staff, submitting of incentive slips using excels HR Team - HR does not stay long in this company, changed over and over again. Management Team likes to implement new rules as and when they like. Management Team gives us a very money minded feel, everything is about money Forfeiting of incentives when Client fails to pay up by 90 days of credit period. But eventually, when the Client pays on the 100th days, the sales and money will go into the company pocket. But even when the Client pays within 60 days, you will only be able to claim your incentive after the 3rd month (Good tactic of company holding on to your commission, so that when you resign, they will forfeit 2-3 months of your commission) REAL Bad handling of JSS - which results in MOM & IRAS complaints and Complaints from internal staff Profit Sharing every year will only be given 8-9 months after the FY ended Profit Sharing for FY 2019 not paid till date. Was told that it will be drag till next year Although there are promotions for your career progression, but think back, what is the difference between Senior Consultant and Consulting Manager (Both are still doing sales and both are able to lead a team) - No big significant difference and benefits

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    3. 1.0
      Current Freelancer

      Worst Company. Worst Boss.

      Oct 6, 2020 - Sales Associate in Singapore
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Nothing extraordinary or good to say.


      Before joining, interviewer will picture the company and career the best way ever. After join, it was far from the truth. Malaysian will be bond for 1 year. should you quit or resign, you will have to pay 1 month salary to company. Team leaders are useless. Did not guide or teach us. Assigned us to many not workable job orders and chasing for profiles everyday. Even chasing and demanding for profiles after working hours. When covid hit, CEO promises non of the new join will be affected but then, all new employees were places on 2.5 days work (deduct 50% of our salary). Recent incident when the Big Boss send out a memo to all employees for seeing bad reviews on Glassdoor and demand it to be taken down. Since then, the review had been deleted. His intention are simple, just wanting to cover up from public faces.

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