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  • "They provide great training and all the tools you need to unlock unlimited earning potential.(in 266 reviews)
  • "You can make some good pay checks if you are fortunate enough to be at a good store(in 250 reviews)
  • "The culture is great and it feels like more of a family then a group of co(in 225 reviews)
  • "There are some great people that help you from other store because corporate does not help at all(in 210 reviews)
  • "You can make good money if you are good at your job and in a good store(in 186 reviews)

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Updated Sep 23, 2023

Reviews about "culture"

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    1. 1.0
      Jan 31, 2012
      Store Manager
      Former Employee
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Decent pay since you are guaranteed at least a little bit each month. Benefits are not the greatest but still decent coverage. Company did invest alot of time into training employee. Did seem to teach employees very well about product knowledge and about different things that were going in the industry to help stay up to date


      Company really has no culture. You read how great culture is because of encouragement of employees, and the way the company is set up. The way they say they have such great culture is basically sending hundereds of emails kissing up to upper management everytime you make a sale. The key to moving up in this company is to buy into whatever they sell you and shake your head yes that it's an awesome idea even if it is just plain stupid. Many of the employees are kids right out of college who want to move up quickly and will say/do anything they are told. Constantly felt like you were being judged harshly if you did not like to send emails. Most upper management just truly care about themselves and thier bonuses. Seems like anytime I would try to get ahold of a District Manager, they would be on a vacation, and area managers were typically incompentent on the situation that needed to be handled. Also if their was ever a customer issue that needed to be given to someone with higher authority, they wouldn't stand behind sales person and most likely just throw you under the bus making you look like an idiot. They dont stand behind policies or employees. If you want to be noticed by upper management make sure you are sending plenty of those emails to them about what a great job you are doing and how much you love your job. Work week was a typical 50+ hours, Saturday required. Working retail I expected long hours but this company pushed the limits. Work day is 10 hours with no break. Each store had a microwave and small fridge so you needed to bring lunch and dinner. I'm sure that has to be something illegal not allowing a 30 min break at least once in the day, You would be stuck in the store all day, staring out the windows some days. Their really is no work/life balance. I chose to leave this job mainly because I rarely saw my kid and make it to many of his school/sport events. Also very high turnover of employees due to hours and not being treated fairly by managment because they did not buy into the 'Company Culture' Company also had a great policy for customers of Happy or Money back. Meaning they can return a bed for any reason during a set time. Great tool they created which helped sell more and make you more money. Naturally returns did go up. Company didnt like this so they found a way to pay for this policy. They decided on a reward/penalizing system to the sales associate. Based on the amount of returns you have you could possibly get a bonus at the end of the month if you had close to no returns. Have to many returns though, the company will take money out of your paycheck. It is understandable to lose the commission, but then to take extra money out of my wallet was just unacceptable. Their was a few month they took close to an extra $600 out of my check!! Thanks for taking money away from my family. Mattress Firm is typically the highest price of all the competition and they know this. They boast a price guarantee of lowest price and how they beat any price by 10 percent. Most customers were smart enough to shop around find a better price but would come back to get the great Happy or Money Back guarantee. Most associates would price match and take the deal to make a little amount of commission. Company would still make a great profit but ultimately it is the sales associate who pays the price. Company always seemed to be rising prices also just making it harder to sell.

      1. 5.0
        Jan 13, 2016
        Assistant Store Manager
        Current Employee, more than 1 year
        Cobb, GA
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Mattress Firm as a whole has the best culture and moral of any company I have ever worked for!!!! We are just one big extended family!! Plus the pay is great!! Mattress Firm provides a great training program, so everyone knows exactly how to do the job they are asked to do! Overall this job has allowed my family a better quality of life so much so that my brother just joined the team and he loves it too!!!!


        Honestly the only downside is we work retail hours which for some would also be counted as a plus.

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