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Medallia Employee Reviews about "middle management"

Updated Aug 6, 2022

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  • "Inexperienced management.(in 24 reviews)
  • "No clear career path for solutions managers (i.e.(in 22 reviews)
  • "Bad managers seem to be an epidemic here.(in 16 reviews)
  • "Brutal Layoffs at the beginning of the year, most people hadn't even been at the company a year.(in 7 reviews)
  • "Transparency and broad, proactive communication about changes that affect the teams and/or strategy would go a long way towards building accountability within the Austin office.(in 7 reviews)
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Reviews about "middle management"

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  1. 4.0
    Current Employee

    Here to stay

    May 11, 2016 - Client Solutions Manager in Palo Alto, CA
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    I honestly don't think you can find another company in the Valley with this kind of energy. It's a combination of awesome people, awesome product, awesome culture, and awesome IPO potential. + Uniquely smart people + Awesome space. We're defining an industry + Office is collaborative and fun + Feels like we're all working toward the same goal + Despite other reviews, I feel like we've generally kept our "start-up culture" + Weekly fireside chats with execs


    - Compensation is really good here, but still a big source of contention. I believe the reason for this is lack of transparency. We just rolled out a new policy: promotion reviews are semi-annual, and comp adjustments annual. Our People & Culture team (P&C) released an email to the entire company explaining the policy, which they think is increasing transparency. It's not... in fact, I feel like there's less transparency. I want to know 1. why the change 2. why comp is addressed only once a year, and 3. what goes into their comp studies. P&C is having a 'roadshow' to answer any comp questions... but they're doing this after comp adjustments and promotions are handed out. Come on... address the problem before it becomes a problem. - I think our P&C/leadership team need to understand that employees share their comp packages with each other. Because people share and there's not much transparency, it leads to questions and a feeling of unfairness. Help us understand why people are paid more than others, and why people are getting comp increases after 6 months, even though the new policy blatantly says comp is a addressed once a year. - A lot of people have one foot out the door. I think most people aren't serious about leaving, but a lot of people talk about it when issues come up like product roadmap shortcomings, compensation inconsistencies, etc. I hope management realizes this and is doing everything in their power to get people to stay.

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  2. 3.0
    Former Employee

    Working at Medallia

    Feb 3, 2022 - Principal Software Engineer in Los Angeles, CA
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    - a lot of cross collaboration across groups - a lot of diversity initiatives


    - sometimes management doesn't tell us the truth and we only find out later that they didn't

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  3. 1.0
    Current Employee, more than 1 year

    Painful experience

    Nov 23, 2016 - Anonymous Employee in Buenos Aires
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    - Perks such as parking, food, relaxation places and being able to work with a few but really amazing Engineers. Being such an awful place to work has the "pros" of people trying to overcompensate their own lack of management skills with "free stuff" - Salaries are far above the market. If you don't have much more ambitions than money, give it a try


    - Management layers are crowded of people that push the values of the company instead of living these and practicing what they preach. - Inability of making good or bad decisions when timely ones are critical. - Finger pointing all the time. Specially during the meetings that start with some 'This is a blameless meeting' pitch. - Different organizational culture in different locations. Inability to find the correct person to take care of people and culture in some areas. Maturity and capacity of people executing this role is sad. - Double standards everywhere: In some cases these pop up as an accident (lack of communication and direction over the managers). In other cases it is deliberate (so, coward upper level managers can 'excuse' themselves by applying their free style interpretation of rules and metrics) - Value others are simply words on a couple of not-that-fancy slides. Mistakes are severely punished and feedback is not properly given so it can motivate and help others grow and learn. - People that have been there for a long time and access to positions they are not prepared for, do an awful job and remain there w/o further coaching. There are 2 completely different kind of directors (when that management level is supposed to be aligned on the same DIRECTION), and a few of them are disruptive at a level that nothing good comes from their areas. For a company dedicated to analyzing feedback and making a world where companies are loved by customers and employees, the way that people process the feedback is sad. Not only bad, dangerous and harmful, but sad. I will be leaving the company soon and I'm not happy with that. I recognize the great place it could be!

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    Medallia Response


    Posted on behalf of Santiago Ceria, VP of Engineering and Head of Medallia Argentina: I am sorry to hear about your negative experience working at Medallia Argentina. We want every single Medallian to have a great, transformational experience. We’ve just completed our semi-annual employee engagement survey and confirmed that we’re making good progress, with Argentina’s scores being at record highs. Even with this, we acknowledge that we have to work hard to keep improving, as scaling a company in a very competitive market is not an easy endeavor. We know that, as a consequence of this, employees can potentially go through challenging situations. We’re glad you believe we have great compensation, perks and the fact that we have amazing people. We believe our Medallians feel similarly. This was a key highlight from our employee engagement survey. I appreciate your feedback around the other areas however I respectfully disagree with some of your points: - In relation to our manager hiring and manager capabilities, we’ve hired our managers because we both listened to our employees and also understand that we needed to strengthen our management capabilities in order to scale, as we’re growing very rapidly. They have the clear mandate of making sure we understand and live our core values in all of our teams. - With regards to different culture in different places, we try to keep our values and culture consistent across all Medallia offices. We do acknowledge that each office or location has its own spirit but we strive for a consistent culture and set of values. We always have work to do but employee surveys keep showing great appreciation for our culture. - As for the use of the word “coward” to describe the behavior of some of our employees, we believe quite the opposite: that we have amazing people who push for great while truly caring for others, and that we’re brave as we are trying to make the world a better place through the use of technology while we also host a transformative workplace. I would welcome the opportunity to engage in an open conversation to discuss these topics. We love to listen, learn and improve. - Santi

  4. 2.0