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    Interview Tips

    Feel free to post any interview questions you might be asked and I’ll help you compose an effective response :)

    Technical Solutions Engineer

    1. What to do if you cannot provide your manager or other leaders as references from your previous workplace? 2. How to answer interview Qs about my previous workplace or manager? For the context! I worked for a workplace for 8-9 months. But, there were ethical issues from the side of leaders including my manager, and senior employees that made me quit my job. Also, many leaders & senior coworkers were either fired or quit their jobs a few months after I did. Thanks in advance!


    Accounting Associate

    Has anyone ever been called back for a job they were first rejected from only to be rejected again? Does this happen often?


    VP of Sales/director of Business Development

    During the first screening interview I have been asked at times about my job search status and if I am talking to others. While this is probably a question they have no right to ask, I wonder if there is a right or wrong answer. If I say I am interviewing with 2-3 companies, they may feel it is not worth the extra effort to continue the discussion. If I say I am not actively interviewing, it may be a negative sign. Any idea about where they are coming from? (WFH & free agent for a while)