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PetPeople Full-Time Keyholder Reviews

Updated Aug 4, 2020

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  1. 3.0
    Current Employee, more than 1 year

    Company has some work to do

    Aug 4, 2020 - Full-Time Keyholder 
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    Decent training on animal nutrition, you get to see and play with lots of pets.


    Physically demanding as they expect you to carry out all customers dog food purchases, anyone above a part time keyholder has far too many job responsibilities while also being expected to follow and "shop with" customers. Too much emphasis is placed on sales now.

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  2. 1.0
    Former Employee, more than 1 year

    It's not all rainbows & sunshine

    Jul 7, 2020 - Full-Time Keyholder in Atlanta, GA
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    Don't get me wrong, I used to love this job. When I first started mike & Trish made me feel like I wasn't just entering into a job, but a family. I'm just gonna put some keynotes as to things I enjoyed about the company. 1.Pay is good for a key holder & up 2. work/life balance is achievable WITH proper communication 3.Customers & fellow employee's make it a fun work envoirment, sometimes 4.You get to play & meet many pets along the way


    There are a lot of cons to list, so I'm going to try & make this as short as possible. 1. Company has gone completely corporate, it is no longer a family owned business but my managers wanted me to keep lying to customers faces & say that. 2. Company refuses to pay a livable wage to part-time associates, they won't give health benefits to part-time key holders, nor will the give a bonus check to the whole store when they make their numbers for the month. or whats called "a double green". Instead they give the bonus to the manager, and the rest of the team gets a pizza party. Isn't that great!? 3. When the COVID pandemic started, the company refused to close their doors & registered itself as an "essential" store, and to 'motivate' associates to keep coming in, they gave everyone a temporary $1 raise to their check. 4. During said pandemic, not everyone was wearing their masks, and one associate was so pissed about continuing to come in that they threatened to cough all over surfaces so someone would get COVID & cause the store to shut down. 5.I was personally harassed by an associate numerous times because I simply did not want to hang out with them outside of work & they made me feel uncomfortable coming to work each day. Tried to speak up about another problem with the work environment, but by the time the harassment started, I didn't think anyone would believe me since they continually wouldn't take me seriously prior. 6.As I stated before the company has turned completely corporate & doesn't acknowledge the problems associates already have now. When I addressed them to how I felt unhappy with being there & wanted things to get better, rather than address it & try to work on it, they asked me "well if you don't like it here so much why don't you leave?". DM's clearly are too privileged to ever possibly understand what poverty means or having to stay with a job you dislike purely so you could put food on the table. 7.Alot of privileged Caucasian people running the show. Gonna go ahead and put that out there. 8. Bad management & associates breaking the rules were given way too many chances, but the minute a person of color broke the rules they were terminated. 9.They company doesn't seem to understand what PPE is anymore nor do they know their own values. 10.And finally ,NOT PROMOTING FROM WITHIN. I've seen so many people get overlooked and turned down for being placed at a higher position. instead they would bring in an outside hire, someone who didn't even know the company or its products. I've even witnessed first hand, a Caucasian person being made manager first who was there for a way shorter period of time over a person of color who had been their longer & had a great customer base. They preach all of these family values, and say they believe in promoting from within, and want you to feel comfortable going to them with ANY problem, but they don't actually mean that. Heck, if they could have robots checking people out, I'm sure they would invest in that so they could pay people even less.

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