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Hi beautiful people, Our car died today, a classic Acura 2009 RDX 🪦💀 My husband and I need to buy a new car soon. We have a 25k budget. Looking for an small SUV, good gas mileage, good infotainment system and good quality and not super crazy expensive. Any recommendations? I know Toyota, Honda and Acura are good brands, it’s just so overwhelming to look into all the models. Any good experience with a particular car? I appreciate your recommendations.




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Updated May 1, 2023

Reviews about "work life balance"

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    1. 1.0
      Aug 19, 2016
      Anonymous Employee
      Current Employee
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      *Great experience for new people that come into the IT fold. You are given a litany of options to get off of the entry-level teams if you work hard and earn it. Nothing is given to you and the chance to advance is very great. *Little to no experience required for entry level positions on CI or DOC. Associate's degrees in related fields or similar work/life experience is deemed okay. *If you work hard, you will advance to a product team and RDX builds the pathway to those teams very clearly. *Very laid back in-office atmosphere. *Awesome game room with ping pong table, and arcade machine with an Xbox One. Several TVs around the office that are used to watch spots streams and news. *Most co-workers on product teams are awesome to knock ideas off of, or just talk about your day or life with. *Fun things like Summer Picnics, Golf outings, Christmas Parties, Pizza parties, "Olympic style" events, and other holiday related events. *Middle managers and product team leads are amazing mentors and leaders and are working very hard to try and keep spirits high and it doesn't come across as fake. Their doors are always open, and they are the front line for regular employee complaints or issues and deserve much more credit than they are getting from upstairs. *Employee rewards program for doing well when it comes to RDX's clients and internal procedures. *Porsche car pilot rewards program where you get the company Porsche for a weekend or work week. *Cash money is sometimes handed out at random for doing well with clients. *Chance to develop relationships with client contacts and network with many different organizations/environments. The variety of experience that you get is great for your personal growth both professionally and personally. *Raises/salaries are great for senior-level resources. Competitive with the area average. *Days off/PTO are stellar, although there is only one "catch-all" bucket instead of separation for vacation and sick days. RDX and management are very understanding of doctor's appointments or unexpected family issues that come up and let employees often work from home if needed. Calling off if sick is also very easy. You aren't questioned or grilled as to why you can't make it in, just told to get better and get some rest. *Product team members get one work from home day a week. *The client liaison teams were a welcome addition and work hard to ensure client happiness. *Good 401k program with a decent company match. *On-campus cafe means that you don't have to go far for meals and snacks or drinks/coffee. The food is pretty bomb, too; including a wood-fired pizza oven and salad bar. They also serve Starbucks coffee. There is a 24/7 on-site convenience store for when the cafe is closed for rotating shift members. *Chance to taste test new products for certain food companies that are headquartered in the same building as RDX. *HR actually cares about you as a person rather than standing up for the logo, which is what HR is supposed to do. Kudos.


      *Executives and sales are so out of touch with the 'service delivery' portion of the company. People come from upstairs to downstairs to the service delivery floor to brag and boast about how much they make, their political affiliations, how many houses and/or boats that they have, etc. It's very damaging for morale for this type of thing to occur. *There are some that find it necessary to have religious and political items, backgrounds, and screensavers in their cubes and offices, so if that type of thing makes you uncomfortable in a work setting, then you may want to avoid. *How can you fight for a raise and negotiate when the person that you talk to that controls the purse strings has no idea what it is you do? *The monitoring team can be frustrating to deal with at times. Some people just don't 'get it' that work on that team. Instead of cutting their losses, some lower knowledge team members are dragged along for longer than needed. Whether that is a training problem, or not, can't say since experience with the training team personally has been minimal at best. *Corporate policies come and go like the weather. Adding on to that, new polices are communicated very poorly and are often laughable in nature. *Workload is very feast or famine for DBAs. It all depends on how big of buckets your clients have purchased whether you will have enough hours for the day/week and qualify for monthly bonuses. Better hope you win the client lotto if you want recognition. *Small mistakes are often blown out of proportion and typically blame and punishment are put solely on the employee. *A lot of good work type of stuff that goes on every day often goes without recognition because you are expected to ask/poke your clients and request good feedback and forward that to the 'you did a great job' team upstairs. *Most fall raise/performance evaluations are more focused on RDX's internal processes than the actual work being done by the employee. *Work/life balance is non-existent. You are at the mercy of your particular clients. *Some clients treat you as if you are an object at the other end of a phone line or emaIl rather than a human being with an actual life. Sometimes an after-hours notice from a client is small to none at all and you are expected to drop everything and do it, so as to not make your other co-worker's lives miserable. Not that your co-workers have any problem with covering you if needed, but it doesn't feel good for yourself to push off your client work when every other DBA is just as busy, if not more than, you are. *Health benefits and vision have gone down the tubes in terms of quality/out-of-pocket expenses. Used to have great no deductible UPMC insurance. Now Cigna. *Fun, in-office events have disappeared when they seemed to be once a month for the longest time. *Work contracts are given to all new people that states that you will owe RDX money if you quit or get fired within a certain amount of time. Sometimes, raises for 2nd and 3rd years are locked in place with very little room, if any at all, to change that number. *Time card policies are pretty crazy where you have to often pad time against your clients and are encouraged to lie about work in order to hit a magic number per day. *The on-call is brutal since there are 'teams' that are thinly spread and you are on-call more often now than ever before. *No monetary or work from home compensation for being on-call. *Senior-level DBAs that are hired from the 'outside' after building their experience elsewhere have very high turnover. They seem to get hired and then nope out after a couple of months on the job. This has been a problem for years. *There are certain people within product teams that have let their titles go to their heads. This leads to cliques and 'holier than thou' attitudes. A quick look over some of these recent 5-star reviews right here on this very site and you can see how serious, real, and honest experiences that people at this company have had are just brushed off as just being 'angry and disgruntled former employees with wrong opinions'. Says their opinion supersedes yours just because. That kind of arrogant, condescending attitude also leads to division, exclusion, and low morale. *Too much focus is being put on Glassdoor and social media of employees and the public perception of RDX. There has been a lot of paranoia and finger-pointing about posts and reviews. Once a review or social media post goes up, the gossip mill begins to churn and the witch hunt begins. So, now they are actively being monitored and tattled on by other co-workers. Really has a nice middle school/high school drama feel to it. Be careful who you connect with on social media. *A stepping stone for people to gain their experience and leave is what this company is slowly turning into. Just in the past 2-3 months, there have been several high experience, several years of service; managers and employees, that have left or gotten fired. This has lead to some uneasiness for current employees. *Until you are a senior level resource, you are low-balled at every raise meeting, sometimes not even getting a raise at all for the year. This is in contrast to the report from upstairs that is blown around that RDX is constantly breaking sales records quarter over quarter. If this is the case, why haven't salaries and raises been improved? Why no compensation for on-call that was mentioned years ago and never followed through on? *The CEO might as well be a phantom and always seems annoyed to address his employees at company functions. *The dress code is not followed by executive management/sales, but you are supposed to overlook that and adhere to it anyway. *The men's bathroom is disgusting and front dumps are taken often, usually without flushing. Animals. Often the better option is to take a walk to a common area bathroom either upstairs or by the cafe than to deal with the in-office bathroom.

      1. 4.0
        Sep 18, 2017
        Database Administrator
        Current Employee, more than 3 years
        Warrendale, PA
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Effort and initiative translates to several opportunities. Training and support from colleagues provides more than enough resources to build your knowledge base extensively. Working on several accounts will lead to proficiency in several relevant technologies. A strong work ethic goes a long way and good work is recognized by superiors. Work from home is given fairly and as needed - lots of flexibility once earned. New challenges every day forces continual learning and prevents staleness. Several employees internalize a team mentality which makes working in this fast-paced environment desirable. Friendly colleagues and nice work environment. I've really enjoyed my time here.


        Work/life balance is difficult at times - supporting several accounts means off-hours work to accommodate work requests is normal and expected. There are options to offload work to other resources to improve the balance - on-shift DBAs have been a tremendous help in regaining work/life balance. More still needs done to make things more comfortable. Occasionally need to compensate for other employees to get the job done.

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