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Updated Jun 5, 2023

Reviews about "game room"

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    1. 2.0
      Jan 19, 2019
      Former Employee
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      If you’re fresh out of college with little to no experience, ROI is a decent choice. The job teaches you a ton about the field of digital marketing, which is a skill that every business needs, but no one is nearly as good as they need to be, so you can position yourself with a lot of value once you develop your expertise. You'll become a pro at data analysis, which is translatable and valuable in nearly any field. Optimizing and trying to grow your clients' businesses every day is a constant challenge, but it will teach you an amazing amount about dealing with difficult client personalities, managing people’s expectations, and communicating your ideas and performance. Free drinks and snacks, a decent gym, game room, and team celebrations and are nice fluff benefits but not enough to make or break the job. The benefits at the company are pretty incredible. You’ll be hard pressed to find another company that offers the extensive medical, dental, vision, and investment benefits that ROI offers. The company culture is pretty fun and high-energy. Most employees are young, motivated, and likely graduated from college in the past handful of years, so you will find yourself having fun if you like the sound of that environment.


      As I mentioned, most employees graduated from college in the past several years. There’s a reason for that. ROI suffers from a severe turnover rate. There are a handful of employees that are lucky enough to be in the right time and place when a higher level position opens up, but those opportunities are few and far between. Most employees work for two or three years, get some experience in the field, realize there’s no more potential to move up at the company, and leave, so ROI relies on a constant stream of young college graduates that they can quickly train and subsequently replace when they leave. The issue is widespread and well known, but upper management has done little to nothing to solve the problem. It seems they are content to continue operating on this constant cycle of losing and replacing employees. The promotion process can also be incredibly frustrating. There are six categories of performance that you will be assessed on. Every six months, you’ll have a performance review in which you have to prove to your team lead that you have exceeded expectations in said categories. But even if you prove that, your team lead and upper management still have the final say in whether or not you receive your promotion. Side note: the promotions aren’t major. They simply move you up a “level”, which will give you a little bit of a raise, but there are hardly any title changes or more responsibility given. So these promotions practically mean nothing outside of the company. The company culture is great among the lower ranks, but the relationship between the average employee and upper management is poor and reminiscent of Stockholm’s syndrome. The most capable and talented people at the company seem to be stifled and limited in their potential because they are smart and brave enough to see the cracks in the company and say something, so they are penalized. While some of the employees who are the least technically proficient and worst in the day to day aspects of the job are rewarded the most because they brown-nose the higher ups and make sure they don’t rock the boat. I mention Stockholm’s syndrome because the non-compete clause is draconian and keeps you captive. The contract you sign severely limits where you can go when trying to leave ROI. They restrict you from working at other digital marketing agencies and working for any ROI clients, and the company is not afraid of enforcing it. We once had an employee try to work for a client, and upper management made sure that the client rescinded the job offer and even held a company wide meeting to discuss this all. Were they simply sharing this information to be transparent? Or were they using it as a scare tactic to make sure no other employees tried the same thing? Hard to tell. Also, there’s a 20 percent rule in place. Every performance cycle, only 20% of employees can be promoted. No matter how much of Katniss Everdeen’s determination you have, the odds are not in your favor. All in all, if you decide to take the position, make sure you are a beacon of positivity. Never show that you are dissatisfied or unhappy with a process at ROI. If you try to change things to improve, you will be forever branded as a negative Nancy, and you will be hindered in your advancement. Make sure you get on the good side of upper management and act as a teacher's pet, and they'll reward you for being a well-behaved pawn.

      1. 5.0
        Jan 7, 2014
        Anonymous Employee
        Current Employee, more than 5 years
        Raleigh, NC
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        ROI is designed from the ground up for passionate people who want to be excellent at what they do. The teams are competent, smart and hard working and therefor clients love working with us as a premium service provider. If you get past the (intentionally) rigorous interview process, then you're surrounded with like-minded people on the inside that will help you surpass the next level of your career. The people are top-notch and my favorite part of the company. Opportunities are literally everywhere if you're willing to master the entry-level skills, do a great job and work well with team and clients (like everyone else who's gone before you). It's a 'meritocracy' where the successful are rewarded with bigger opportunities and responsibilities, and generous pay increases. Other Pros: - growth galore (controlled and manageable, though. ROI turns down business unless we have a good fit for a new client, which helps lead to sustainable growth and a preservation of the focus on customer service) - very approachable 'home grown' upper management (nearly everyone has been an entry level analyst at some point. All promotions to senior management have been internal, making it a very knowledgeable, understanding empathetic management team) - financially sound (i don't claim to know all the details, but the CEO is very financially savvy and responsible). - casual atmosphere (dress, conversation) - flexible hours outside of core hours (9:30 - 5:15) - solid benefits (often progressive with time) - stocked kitchen and game room (and encouraged but optional break time each day) - work hard / play hard mentality (celebration or 'shout out' meetings, champagne toasts, birthday celebrations, quarterly team builder activities, ping pong tournaments, unofficial sports teams, Google days, etc.) - required ongoing education (6+ hours per month is paid education with books, blogs, webinars, etc. Weekly 45 minute company meetings to share news, techniques and success stories. All education time is paid.) - occasional travel (seeing clients face-to-face every so often is heavily encouraged, and all travel time and expenses are paid, including overtime. Varies depending on your portfolio and client mix though)


        - Constant pressure from clients to achieve better results. - 45-50 hours/week average (you're paid overtime 1.5x over 40 hours). - Sitting in a desk most of the day (lack of exercise + free food = beware). - Time clock and billed client time records can be tedious to manage every day. - Intense analysis and problem solving skills often required

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