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RainKing Employee Reviews about "benefit"

Updated Jun 10, 2021

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  • "Account management: Clients constantly bothering you with trivial monotonous questions and tasks.(in 5 reviews)
  • "bad pay(in 5 reviews)
  • "Comp plan is demotivating and it is hard to make good money here unless you exceed your quota every month, which is impossible.(in 4 reviews)
  • "Manager was dry and not authentic.(in 3 reviews)

Reviews about "benefit"

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    1. 4.0
      Apr 25, 2016
      Anonymous Employee
      Former Employee, less than 1 year
      Bethesda, MD
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Executive leadership - The CEO has a great vision and an open door policy Proximity to DC - close to the metro system Young culture - the workplace is vibrant Bagel Friday's - seriously this is heaven


      Benefits package - this area needs a lot of strengthening Culture - a great deal of unhappiness in the office Innovation - hampered by growth goals and pretty traditional in their operating model

      1. 1.0
        Jan 28, 2014
        Former Employee, more than 3 years
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Benefits and compensation are not bad for a starter job. Work does not overflow into personal life. There are plenty of surface level benefits such as flexible hours, casual dress code, and free lunches that are present as a weak effort to indicate that middle and upper management appreciate employees.


        Busy work is outsourced to an offshore team, but the remaining work is still mind-numbing and repetitive. At the time I left, no standardized training was in place, and what little training there was fell on the shoulders of lower level employees who were already under the pressure of multiple deadlines. Goals and workflow processes are constantly shifting, which makes this work difficult to hone in on. Others who have pointed out the cons of logistics and day to day work have been spot on. However, what truly makes this work environment horrible is the culture, attitude, and business philosophy of RainKing, and this permeates through all departments. Employees are disposable. This is apparent in the lack of training, the lack of reception to feedback, the termination practices, and most of all, the disconnect between the CEO and the employees. Most work places necessarily will involve the CEO with the people who conduct the business operations, but not here. Decisions are value judgments are based on numbers (which at times make sense but at times seem arbitrary), and qualitative feedback is ignored. The peer to peer experience is not bad, but this unity is born out of necessity, as everyone is constantly on edge. And why should employees care to connect with upper management anyway? It's not as though there are any advancement opportunities. Morale is horrible, and it's because nobody feels valued whatsoever. That's no way to start a career. Do not get stuck working here. You can do better.

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