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Updated Jun 10, 2021

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  • "Account management: Clients constantly bothering you with trivial monotonous questions and tasks.(in 5 reviews)
  • "bad pay(in 5 reviews)
  • "Comp plan is demotivating and it is hard to make good money here unless you exceed your quota every month, which is impossible.(in 4 reviews)
  • "Manager was dry and not authentic.(in 3 reviews)

Reviews about "people"

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    1. 2.0
      Mar 27, 2017
      Anonymous Employee
      Former Employee, more than 1 year
      Bethesda, MD
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Free snacks and lunches. Nice people.


      Poor work-life balance. Expected to work 10-12 hour days and be by your phone on weekends. Not many paid holidays.

      1. 4.0
        Oct 18, 2012
        Anonymous Employee
        Current Employee
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        As other reviews stated before, flex hours is a big plus. Casual dress, and decent benefits for a smaller company are also good points. The company recently allowed the market research department to get telecommuting access for higher performing researchers. Bonus structures are now merit based as opposed to corporate based. Also there are a number of events after hours for employees to socialize. Many of these changes occurred over the last three-four months after a new head of research arrived. He has been receptive to many employee suggestions since arriving. In addition there were new heads for the sales and the marketing departments over the past year and they too have been receptive to employee suggestions. Overall, morale has improved. Before there was an employee culture where many people were worried about which analysts were next to be fired, but that fear has been subsided now that goals have become clearer, many employee suggestions have taken effect, and morale has considerably improved for the department as a whole. Therefore, there has been less turnover and this improved the whole department as well because people are staying longer. People want to stay at a place where they are happy.


        Bonus structure and goals are stretch goals, in particular for research analysts where this has changed recently. Not bad in and of itself, but this does cause a stress point for some analysts. This system may just be setting off a wave of mass-firings in future months should some analysts not reach their targets over the next several months but for now, everyone appears safe. Also, like the post below, there are some perceptions that employee promotions have not been based solely by merit and that all peer level managers including those not familiar with others work have a say on who gets promoted, and this contributes to office politics which generally is at a minimum here otherwise aside from lateral moves to other departments. In short, if a person isn't promoted or given an upward trajectory move to another department, then this job could end up being a dead end position. If this becomes the case for a particular person after a certain number of years, he or she should start looking for a new job because either that employee will never be promoted even if the analyst is a good performer because management doesn't care whether that employee stays or leaves, or perhaps that employee is just doing enough to avoid probation.

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      Feel free to post any interview questions you might be asked and I’ll help you compose an effective response :)



      I've completed an initial phone screening interview, followed by a 2-hour interview with the Department VP. Next in the process are three separate 90-minute peer interviews. Is there a possibility of another interview after the peer interviews, or should I anticipate receiving an offer?


      Administrative Assistant

      I have an interview with the owner coming up and how would you answer if the they ask when I can start when I have two set/booked vacations in the upcoming months? For reference: I leave for one in 2 weeks for a month and the other one is in the beginning of December for 2 weeks. I don’t want to say immediately because of the trips, but if I don’t say immediately then I might lose the job. Help!


      Postdoctoral Researcher

      Hello guys, I applied as Chemical engineer in a big company and I did with them all the interview steps (last one on 05/09/23), at the time of the interview there was no job opening and I got the interview through another division. Last week I received an email saying that they will let me know their final decision by the end of this week. Today I have received an email (with the job description attached) scheduling a call in few days for sharing the decision. Do they want to reject me on call?


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