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Updated July 13, 2017
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Saint Louis, MO

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  • Cleanliness and respect from team members is where I saw flaws (in 31 reviews)

  • You will work very hard and long hours and the schedules just aren't consistent enough to lead a normal life at times (in 29 reviews)

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  1. "Kitchen Manager"

    • Work/Life Balance
    • Culture & Values
    • Career Opportunities
    • Comp & Benefits
    • Senior Management
    Former Employee - Kitchen Manager in Saint Louis, MO
    Former Employee - Kitchen Manager in Saint Louis, MO
    Positive Outlook
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    I worked at Red Robin full-time (More than 5 years)


    Great management team and resources.


    Nothing but positive things to say.

  2. Helpful (2)

    "I am not lying or exaggerating any of this. Please read all the cons."

    • Work/Life Balance
    • Culture & Values
    • Career Opportunities
    • Comp & Benefits
    • Senior Management
    Current Employee - Server in Saint Louis, MO
    Current Employee - Server in Saint Louis, MO
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    Negative Outlook
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    I have been working at Red Robin full-time (More than 5 years)


    Can make ok money if you can get favorited. I had to kiss a lot of booty.
       You get half off one meal the day you work.


    The company gives outrageous numbers to meet. Starting on the Robin offer bottomless freckled lemonades but will only give the store credit for one and a half per guest while most drink like 4 or 5. So managers are always over used on product which forces them to only put ounce of strawberries when the recipe requires two ounces and I am pretty sure they water down the sodas to make up for it. That is just one example. So all the food is being shorted to make up for unrealistic expectations, there for cheating the guest on everything. They have to cheat times and make workers work more than one job code and always run short handed. They offer bottomless fries but won't give them to you unless all the food is sold, what do they care it is your tip not theirs. Robin has raised prices so much that they have to give out free food to get guests to even come in. Guess who doesn't get tipped on free food. Funny you still have to do all the work though. They are pulling expediters and planning on pulling busser jobs to save money. They would rather pay servers $3 an hour to do all those jobs...what do they care it is your tips not theirs if you don't have time to serve the guest.
       You are graded on drinks per guest but some appetizers are counted as guests so you have to add waters to check them out. I was told that is because the company lies to their share holders to make it look like they have a higher guest count....guess who it hurts, the server.
      People slip and fall all the time in our restaurant but they won't fix the slick floors.
       I have had crew meetings where district managers say stuff like...we are not required to give breaks...and we are doing these things for you ha ha nothing is done for the employees at all. Everyone I work with hates the company. Even the managers have said how greedy this place is.
      You have to use the table machine to order things and check people out but half ours are broken...guess who still gets graded on it, you. No excuses even if you don't have the tools to do your job.
       All of the dishes come out dirty, gross. People eat off this stuff, why is that not an issue.
      Red Robin took away raises and stopped giving them when the economy crashed what like 8 or 9 years ago and took away our 401ks and they are not coming back.
       The store puts on a show when the bosses are there but it is filthy with trash everywhere and no one wears gloves when they are not there.
       Half the workers have to do all the side work and the other half get to just make money and leave to save labor.
       I personally have seen several labor laws broke and employee mistreated several times.
       You won't have enough glasses or silverware because they can't order would hurt the numbers and managers might not get their bonus.
       The bartender has to take and bag all the to go order even though they rarely get tipped on them.
       So say you make it to a closer position. They will cut all the employees off the floor and you will have to seat the door, serve, expedite the food, and buss your own table while 2-3 managers sit around and eat. They say it is a daily meeting but just talk about what they did last night or whatever. The poor guests have dirty tables all around them and have to wait on everything. This is hilarious because my store is a training store and trains managers, I can only imagine how bad other stores are. I have direct orders to throw certain things out or change things when health inspectors come in.
       Don't eat here after 8pm because kitchen workers are cleaning walls, vents, and fryers and do not wash hands when food is rang in. They are also cussing you because you interrupted them.
       I will see managers sit around for hours but won't give you time to go to the bathroom.
       The computer system is terrible, goes down all the time. Don't even have buttons for some of the items.
      The air conditioning is directly over the guest so they are always cold and you are alway hot and sweating. Let me add. I work in Missouri and our thermostat is controlled by their head quarters in like California or something. They don't turn on the air until we you are a sweaty mess by the time you start. Heck half the time they won't even turn on the lights, you might have to open in the dark.
       Your paycheck won't even cover half of your taxes.
       Good luck getting ahold of HR they obviously don't care about any of this. You will not get a call back.
       Our store to get trainers was like, anybody wanna be a trainer? So our trainer suck.
    There is no incentive to train what so ever.
        I watch managers just eat food off the line.
        Have had to bend my morals many times.
        You have to work all holidays, nights, and weekends if you want to make money.
        Bosses will lie straight to your face.
        Anything the company does ends up making you less money.
        Company has a giving fund where they take credit for helping employees, but the money comes from us, every employee has to give a dollar a check.
        Many more things I can't think of at the moment.

    Advice to Management

    Stop being YES men. I mean if something isn't right bring it up to your boss or their boss. You're only hurting yourself, you can only fudge the numbers so long before it catches up with you.
       Look up the words Manager, Leader, Ruler, and Dictator and decide which you are. Maybe take a management course.
       Building a team makes things easier and realize your employees are people not numbers.
       The guests mostly don't like ziosks.

    Red Robin Response

    Jul 17, 2017 – Talent Recruiter

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us, we're sorry to hear that we missed the mark. We would be happy to look into your concerns further, if you're comfortable providing us more information... More

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