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Republic National Distributing Company

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Republic National Distributing Company

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Republic National Distributing Company Sandston Reviews

Updated Jan 30, 2015

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Republic National Distributing Company President and CEO Tom Cole
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  1. 4.0
    Current Employee

    Room for advancement. Takes care of employees. A lot sales support. Upper management is always open to employee ideas

    Jan 30, 2015 - Sales in Sandston, VA
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    In the few years that I have been working here, I have been promoted twice. There is definitely room for advancement within the company. It is clear that RNDC likes to promote from within rather than outsourcing. The vibe is relaxed yet professional.


    Some in upper management tend to play favorites

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  2. 1.0
    Former Employee, less than 1 year


    Jan 3, 2015 - Anonymous Employee in Sandston, VA
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    Business Outlook


    When I first started at National I seemed to get a set route right away which dude was awesome!! Even over guys with seniority that have been putting in for them which was weird but I couldn't complain. On the routes that I was running though there were no cases. I asked time and time again to be sent out of town on route but I was kept in town. I did enjoy being able to sleep in as in town routes you did not have to get up as early. Since I wasn't getting the cases the money wasn't all that great and that's what I came for so I left.


    In my opinion National Republic should do a better job at taking care of their senior employees especially drivers who the company wouldn't get the business done without in the first place before they too decide to leave. Before I left I heard from several drivers that's been employed for YEARS and YEARS that were taken off of their routes without any prior explanation and are now bouncing around. I understand after being there how frustrating it is. There are drivers with the same route every single day like I was never having to run someone else's route never having to guess where I'm going to be or how much money will I make. Guys with families that have absolutely NO STABILITY now, and all the uppers would say to them is BE GLAD YOU HAVE A JOB or WE'LL LOOK INTO IT. These guys work hard and do what they're supposed to do. Republic National needs to re-evaluate how they treat these guys. I've heard from so many drivers how it used to be and what the company isn't now and they're part of the reason I left. I don't want to work for a company who doesn't take care of their employees. All they get now is 2 bottles of wine and a measly $50 gift card for the holidays which I guess is better than nothing. But I heard how appreciated they felt years back and that's sad. Another thing I want to address is the overt blatant systematic racism. I'm European American and even I notice how everybody on the day time management team looks like me however on the night shift when many of the big wigs are home sleep they all are African American. I'm sure there are plenty of Latin American or African American guys who are qualified, whether they put in or not is all them but the majority of the workforce is black BUT there's NO BLACKS in seniority AT ALL. SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT HERE. Some may argue that oh there is one guy who's in receiving but he gets demoted by 'the man' whenever they feel it's necessary to put someone that looks like me in the position over him. GET THIS. I heard recently that JUST ABOUT ALL WAREHOUSE MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS except two are OUTSIDE PLAYING FOOTBALL while on the clock often. It must be nice to get paid a lot of $$$ to play football while other guys are busting there but working hard. That's the stuff I mean. I still keep in contact with guys that work there although I'm gone and I hear stuff LIKE THIS!!! Everybody can't play football, JUST US!!! IT'S MY HOPE THAT THEIR UPPERS SEE THIS AND INVESTIGATE AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT these managers taking FULL ADVANTAGE OF THEIR POSITIONS. If you're a manager and playing football, playing on your cell phone, walking around the warehouse chewing Skoal, or taking more smoke breaks than you are working IT'S A PROBLEM!!!

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