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  • "If you like to work for free, and at the time I worked there the job was 100% commission, then go for it.(in 7 reviews)
  • "It is a commission based salary that depends on many things out of your control.(in 6 reviews)
  • "And don't worry, they'll brag about how much money is in their pockets.(in 5 reviews)
  • "People say there is no work life balance because there is no work(in 2 reviews)
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Updated Jul 19, 2021

Reviews about "lure"

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    1. 1.0
      Nov 8, 2015
      Entry Level Sales Representative
      Former Employee, less than 1 year
      Pitts, PA
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Nothing. Can't find anything. Not one good thing about this company or the people in the "office" what so ever!!


      Where do I begin. First and foremost, they lure you in with the possibility of a large salary. Ha ha ha, what salary? When I worked there it was entirely door to door sales that was commission only. Not to mention that we worked 6 flipping days a week. And the weekly 'team nights' were mostly going out to local bars and drinking. If you didn't attend, you were perceived as old or not any fun. Heaven forbid you actually have a family and REAL responsibility's. Working from 11 am to 9 pm is just not conducive to having a family. Now I'll move on to the 'ethics' of the company overall. I worked under an energy campaign getting people to switch their energy supplier, usually at a much higher rate than what the energy companies charge. To top it off, the 'marketing techniques' that they want you to learn, are basically how to be crooked and swindle people out of their hard earned money. I have never had a job that ate more at my soul than this job. More than a year later and I still think about the people that I signed and worry if their energy bills skyrocketed because of me.


      Hello, Thank you for your review. I assume you worked for SMGI between 2012-2014 since we exited D2D sales in the Philadelphia market in Q2 2014 and the business entirely in Q4 2014 (Pittsburgh). I am truly sorry that you had such a poor experience here. I want to outline a history for you so you understand how, when, and why SMGI entered and exited this industry... In 2011 SMGI was enjoying our third year of being the largest event sales and marketing agency for one of the biggest names in telecommunications. This client really loved what we were doing for them, but they were having difficulty in another sector of their business: door-to-door sales. Since SMGI had a stellar reputation for excellent results, this client asked us to help them. We didn’t know anything about door-to-door sales, and truthfully we didn’t really want to get into this business. We certainly wanted to help our client succeed (they were failing miserably in D2D sales), so we acquired two companies, CXN, Inc. (on April, 2012) and Varipoint, Inc. (on January, 2014) who were supposed to be experts in this field. It took us a while, but we realized we made a mistake. While we tripled our number of employees, we were now in a line of business that had a terrible reputation with everyone: the customer, the salespeople who were going door-to-door, and even our client! Even worse, the managers that came to SMGI from CXN, Inc. and Varipoint, Inc. were incongruent with SMGI’s business practices. Once we realized this contrast between SMGI and door-to-door sales, we shut down this division of our company. I know this doesn't help make up for the time you spent here however I felt an explanation was the least I could offer. I am truly sorry once again for your negative experience at SMGI. I hope you are working in a fulfilling industry and are enjoying your career! :)

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