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Salesforce CEO  Marc Benioff
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Salesforce CEO  Marc Benioff
Marc Benioff
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One of my favorite perks at salesforce is that we get 56 hours a year of volunteer time off (and really good donation matching). What other companies have something similar?




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  • "Many might have told about all the great benefits salesforce offers and everything is true :(in 1769 reviews)
  • "Salesforce promotes a great culture as a company and that is reflected in the employees' interactions at the company(in 1659 reviews)
  • "In company there are great people that work and they also make it pleasant for another to work there.(in 1160 reviews)
  • "Good Work life balance and OOM(in 835 reviews)
  • "fun to work for and the poeple are nice plus pay is good(in 526 reviews)
  • "Poor management (both middle management and executives)(in 385 reviews)
  • "If you are good with the managers and go out on golf events/drinking you will get good accounts.(in 315 reviews)
  • "Recent layoffs mostly affected very talented folks but majority of them were from San Francisco to cut down the cost.(in 190 reviews)
  • "long hours and fast moving pace so business constantly changing (not necc a bad thing)(in 97 reviews)
  • "Upper management is absolutely bloated with nonessential employees.(in 60 reviews)

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