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Updated Aug 5, 2020

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  1. 1.0
    Current Employee, more than 1 year


    Aug 5, 2020 - Occupational Therapist in Atlanta, GA
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    1. You have a job with a pay check. 2. The company offers PTO. However, when your hours are under 40 hours a week, and you have to rotate days off, you often use your PTO hours to fill-in for the days you did not work. Therefore, you never benefit from really using your PTO! 3. Benefits. However, beware, if you leave the company, benefits may be taken away immediately.


    This company does not offer any incentives for working here. 1. No RAISES! The company works you like a robot for years with no raise provided. Yet this company gets an abundance of reimbursement money in return to provide raises. 2. No OVERTIME! The company FAILS to understand that your facility has limited nursing staff. Therefore, much of your treatment time and minutes are spent cleaning a patient prior to therapy. This means, if you have 12 patients on your schedule, daily notes, progress notes, updated plan of care, evaluations, sign off -of assistant progress notes, and your are expected to meet impossible productivity standards, you will go over time. Not intentionally, but is possible to happen! If you go overtime, you could possibly be written up by management! Written up for doing your job. 3.No LONG-TERM Growth! This is a dead end job. Unless you are friends with someone in higher management, you will not move-up in this company. Period! 4.No INCENTIVES! The company does not provide hazard pay during COVID 19. The company does not provides CEU reimbursement. If you have several courses taken, you have to pay out of pocket costing hundreds of dollars. However, the company will provide reimbursement for license renewal, which is approximately for occupational therapist $ 60.00, not CEU reimbursement. 5. Poor Equipment! The company fails to provide sufficient amount of computer equipment for therapist. Therefore, if your location has 15 therapist, but there are a total of 7 working computers, you do not have access to a decent working computer. This affects your productivity, which is often a huge "compliance problem" for the company. Never that the company takes into account lack of equipment for point of service documentation. If you go under productivity standards, you are placed in "disciplinary actions." 6. Unethical Standards! This company pushes the unethical envelope for employees to evaluate Med B long-term patients who are sometimes not good rehab potential. This is simply because Med B patient's has the highest return for reimbursement. Therefore, the company pushes for this type of treatment. When patient's are placed as eval-only, therapist are questioned and sometimes summoned to the manager's office when you stand up to say "NO."

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  2. 1.0
    Current Employee

    Terrible business ethics

    Aug 5, 2015 - COTA/L in Atlanta, GA
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    It is a job, not a good one. But, it is a job.


    The company does not care for it's employees. The benefits are terrible, a $3000 deductible and high premiums for families. Low pay rates with no raise for 3 years now. Outdated equipment. No reimbursement for continuing education. At the end of contracts the company refuses to release therapist to work for other companies. The company refuses, or attempts, to issue letters of separation without legal representation.

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