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  • "Good Work Life balance and good to staff(in 978 reviews)
  • "very ethic and good benefits(in 736 reviews)
  • "Good pay and beneifts and I would have stayed longer if they were not moving the positions to India.(in 513 reviews)
  • "great people and multicultural (though the latter is changing through centralisation and offshoring).(in 511 reviews)
  • "Salary is good but sealing based on grade and you can stick to a job group for your life(in 432 reviews)
  • "1. Poor management emphasizes in results solely from data analysis rather than quality or focusing in listening to subordinates(in 244 reviews)
  • "bad managers and cumbersome working with HR employees to get forms.(in 140 reviews)
  • "Continuous restructurings every 2 years mean no job security and teams being understaffed (although certain top management remains same for decades).(in 128 reviews)
  • "Long hours and stressful occasionally Cyclical commodity boom and bust(in 111 reviews)
  • "leadership has no idea what they are doing(in 61 reviews)

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Updated Sep 26, 2023

Reviews about "people"

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    1. 4.0
      Oct 31, 2016
      Strategy Advisor
      Current Employee, more than 5 years
      Houston, TX
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Great opportunity to work with smart people from all over the world and it is truly multicultural. If you want to do something new, there is always the opportunity.


      Like all big organizations it's hard to get visibility if that is what one desires and growth can really be a challenge without the right exposure.

      1. 3.0
        Oct 31, 2021
        Former Employee
        Houston, TX
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Challenging job with some of the best data in the world. The people at the company are generally amazing and really care about what they do. The flexibility allowed from the managers is outstanding, I had a family member with a health issue and had to work remote before it was a thing and had overwhelming support several levels up the organization. The safety culture is top priority and the company really does want to do what is best for people and the planet even if it is easy to say oil=bad. I was lucky and got to travel around the world for training but now Shell is moving to virtual field trips, for geology this does not work. Overall the benefits are really good and very comparable to the other supermajors in the US. Base pay and benefits vary significantly depending on home country. My co-workers in the UK made ~50% of my base salary but started with almost triple my vacation time. I left Shell for another opportunity but honestly feel like I could have made a great career at the company.


        The office in Houston is horrible. You are expected to solve hard problems and you are jammed into what we called "Ikea Cubes" Shell real estate does not care about the employees only saving money (flexible work after COVID is being considered and reviewed). During down-turns there is always layoffs that cause people to turn on each other and compete for jobs then once the price of oil picks back up there is not enough people for the activity level and everyone is overworked. In 2021 they started promoting diversity (surficial; white male from US and white male from any other part of the world are considered the same even with completely different backgrounds) over merit and I was told by a senior manager that because I was a white male I should not plan on ever being promoted into management. I know minorities have been treated unjustly in the past and have not had the same opportunities but this needs to be solved at recruiting and at the middle and highschool level. Now there are unqualified people being pushed into management roles to meet diversity numbers. If you are in a technical role and want to climb the career latter, Shell is a place that takes a really long time to do so and technical career latter does not extend far. Coming out of graduate school you enter years of training (also a pro!) then are eventually trusted with your own work. Most geoscientist work 10+ years before getting any management experience. Part of the reason I picked Shell over EXXON when I had my offers was the possibility to work as an expat overseas, this is no longer possible for Americans (we are too expensive). Since Shell is such a big company change is slow and when there is a business opportunity many times the smaller, more nimbal companies were able to move before we could. Shell tends to "over-science" many things and prefers to create inhouse software instead of using industry standards. This works sometimes but the software groups get funding cut and many times we end up with a half working product and are expected to use it even if the results are sub-par. Many of these complaints are specific to me and I would still overall recommended Shell as an employer.

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