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Updated Dec 4, 2015

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    Former Employee, less than 1 year

    TRUE sales people, keep looking. Swank Healthcare is a mess.

    Dec 4, 2015 - Account Executive - Swank Healthcare in Saint Louis, MO
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    1. Good benefits 2. Account managers 3. Manage your own travel schedule 4. I hear they're building a Starbuck's by the building


    Unfortunately the cons severely outweigh the pros. I could go on and on about how management continued to engage in unethical behavior and take this review down a personal path. But I'm going to stop here and direct my review to why Swank Healthcare is failing and will continue to fail from a business standpoint. 1. No ongoing training 2. Lack of leadership. Now, they do have someone in there and he is purely a numbers jockey. No guidance, coaching, mentoring... managing 3. Lack of or no innovation. They have two LMS systems they sell, both are behind and equivalent to Windows 95. They used to have an R&D department but got rid of it because they didn't see any value. Really. 4. Inflexibility to adapt to the ever changing tech scene. They aren't a few steps behind, they're about 10 football fields behind. Basically, the only people that purchase the product are broke or rural hospitals, and those are being bought up. The only thing keeping this division afloat is their military contracts and when I left, that was in trouble.

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