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Updated Sep 17, 2023

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  • "I am happy with the flexible hours and the paycheck I earn for the work I perform for 112 reviews)
  • "Flexible schedule; work(in 42 reviews)
  • "This is a good place to get extra money(in 9 reviews)
  • "Referral bonuses are available, and bonuses are given for top(in 8 reviews)
  • "1) Pay is low at $12/hr and they want you to be an expert.(in 135 reviews)
  • "It's not a job you can live off of because it's part time and there are no benefits.(in 21 reviews)
  • "(5) The management and the mentors constantly get on your case about time limits or trying to show the student the steps to do the problems.(in 16 reviews)
  • "Outdated software(in 11 reviews)
  • "When I emailed my mentor and asked a question, she replied my answer was already linked in my review.(in 8 reviews)

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    1. 4.0
      Feb 3, 2015
      Anonymous Employee
      Current Employee
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      I have enjoyed the ability to basically work from home for the past couple of months. It is easy to get hours in the middle of the semester and the direct deposit is very useful.


      I dislike some of the students. Some of them rush you and continue to ask you for the answer. Then once you give them the answer they complain that you didn't teach them properly.

      1. 1.0
        Sep 19, 2012
        Former Employee, less than 1 year
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Flexible hours and some nice customers/students


        I've been teaching on the college level for more than a decade but wasn't passing their assessments. They didn't like what I was doing, never tired of saying so, and basically ignored my sincere and humble calls for help. Customers liked what I was doing, but that clearly wasn't enough. The problem is, as another reviewer has noted, with their perception of 'giving answers.' They apparently want you to play a kind of ineffectual and insubstantial game with customers, all in the name of providing supposedly 'educational' experiences. When I differed with the program and pointed out that I did have some experience as an educator, hoping I could bring something of value to the program, I was frostily ignored. When I pointed out that I had better ratings at the beginning of my time with them, before they began to actively mentor (i.e. micro-manage) me, my mentor told me that of course I was getting good ratings--I was giving away all the answers. At first this disconnect seemed baffling, but then I recognized it--it is simply the monolithic voice of Corporate America, telling the underlings how things must be and ignoring how they actually are. I used to hear it as a lowly corporate peon, when I hadn't age, experience, or qualifications going for me. Now I have plenty of those and I still hear it. These are the kind of people who, in the name of Quality Control, want to control everything. The people who do not trust a human being to provide customer service on the phone, so they require employees to answer with thank-you-for-calling-barnes-and-noble-it's-a-beautiful-day-in-the-universe-today-this-is-Fred-speaking-how-can-I help-you? I regret that this opportunity did not work out. It seemed like a great way to occupy quiet office hours and stretch a few teaching muscles with some new technology. But I can't deal with their total lack of respect. I should add, in accordance with other reviewers, that will not back the employee against the abusive customer. Many people logged in with no desire to learn, seeking answers, hoping someone else would do their work. I've resisted such users and received bad ratings and bad language, only to be criticized for doing so by my mentor. I'm amazed that the company enables these (often insulting) abusers and dares to call itself an education-based program.

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