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  • "1) Pay is low at $12/hr and they want you to be an expert.(in 134 reviews)
  • "It's not a job you can live off of because it's part time and there are no benefits.(in 20 reviews)
  • "(5) The management and the mentors constantly get on your case about time limits or trying to show the student the steps to do the problems.(in 18 reviews)
  • "Outdated software(in 11 reviews)
  • "This is barely above minimum wage.(in 10 reviews)

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Updated Sep 25, 2023

Reviews about "management"

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    1. 2.0
      Apr 18, 2012
      Current Employee
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Flexible Scheduling Decent System for Interaction


      1. Management is exceptionally arrogant1. Management is exceptionally arrogant1. Management is exceptionally arrogant and careless. They know all too well that they can just find more tutors and so they have little care for the work environment or happiness of their tutors. Their pay is quite low considering the quantity of material they expect tutors to cover. 2. Criticism is abundant and praise limited. Senior tutors and 'mentors' will rip you up one side and down the other for things as simple as 'giving too much of the answer away' or 'greeting the student in a friendly, but not sanctioned manner.' They have pre-scripts for many things including greetings. I liked to say 'Hi, How are you today?' They preferred I used the prescripts, which made students feel like numbers. 3. I was there well past the advancement point and even brought it up with the 'mentor.' She simply ignored me and offered no reason as to why I was not promoted. 4. Resources - There are next to none! You are on your own to find material, examples, extra help for students, etc. does NOTHING to facilitate your tutoring. 5. Students - They will tear you apart expecting you to know anything and everything. They have no manners and no patience. They will demand your time and demand that you 'do the problem for them.' When you explain that you cannot do that per policy, they will cuss at you. 6. Work - I was a biology tutor, which covered everything from plant cycles to molecular biology to anatomy to mendelian genetics to immunology and more. You have no idea what the questions will be ahead of time, so you sign in, get the question, and start the 20 minutes session IMMEDIATELY. You can refuse sessions due to content, but refuse too many and your 'acceptance rate' drops and you get reamed out by management and no promotion. If you go over the 20 minutes, you get..that's right...reamed out by management. Imagine you know everything there is to know about molecular biology, anatomy, physiology, etc. because you hold an M.D. Great right? You can really teach the kids something. Too bad you get 5 plant questions in a row and your acceptance rate tanks. Management treats you like an idiot and tells you to read up. You suggest they make a few more categories in biology so students can pick say PLANTS, GENETICS, ANATOMY, ETC. Management ignores you and tells you to read more. That's how it goes.

      1. 1.0
        Aug 5, 2015
        Anonymous Employee
        Former Employee
        CEO Approval
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        Flexibility to choose your own schedule. Look elsewhere like I did. InstaEDU pays twice as much and management is much better. More hours are available as well.


        -Very low pay ($10/hr) InstaEDU pays twice as much -Every session is monitored and reports are written about each session and you are expected to respond to each one (and not get paid for it) -Common Core proponents (very likely). A concept can be overtly obvious to the student, and yet they will not be satisfied. -Very few hours available (not even part time) -The system is set up such that you waste as much time as possible with the students (in order to make more money of course). -Very awkward whiteboard (as if writing with the mouse is not already extremely tedious, the platform is grossly underdeveloped) -You'll feel like you've worked way to hard to earn even $50. Not worth the effort. Not even close.

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