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Updated Nov 29, 2021

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  • "Another great benefit of working at Ulta is the benefit of 25% off of all items sold at Ulta (including perfume and prestige items).(in 325 reviews)
  • "Not hard to get a hang of and the people you work with are probably great.(in 321 reviews)
  • "I have great coworkers and that's pretty much the only thing keeping me here.(in 285 reviews)
  • "free product often from Ulta and three times yearly from Clinique (Plus extras once and a while)(in 133 reviews)
  • "The work environment is fun and exciting!(in 122 reviews)
  • "Poor management and they want you to bother shoppers in the store and try to get them in your chair.(in 698 reviews)
  • "The pay is low and doesn’t really equal to the sheer amount of work that you do.(in 631 reviews)
  • "The managers have all formed their own cliques and if you're not part of that they resemble mean girls.(in 435 reviews)
  • "long hours and working 6 hrs(in 288 reviews)
  • "there is almost no training and you almost never get gratis that you are promised when you do get training;(in 270 reviews)
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  1. 5.0
    Current Employee, more than 3 years

    The best of the best of retail

    Nov 13, 2019 - Retail Operations Manager in Omaha, NE
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    Business Outlook


    Ulta is an amazing company that recognizes all forms of beauty and honors diversity and inclusion.


    If the retail world is your jam, honestly there aren’t any cons. They truly stand apart from other retailers and appreciate their employees.

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  2. 1.0
    Current Employee, more than 1 year

    Like an Abusive Spouse from Whom You Can't Escape

    Jul 7, 2016 - Anonymous Employee in Downers Grove, IL
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    Business Outlook


    The 50% off salon services is nice, and it's the only way you'll be able to afford services because the prices are so inflated, and you'll be paid so insultingly little. I feel the need to fill out a review periodically, as clearly there are people at the corporate office who are paid to fill this site with fake positive reviews. The only way a person can enjoy working for the retail side of Ulta is if they are deaf, blind, and dumb.


    - If you don't live with your parents/roommates, have a wealthy partner, or a full time job outside of Ulta that pays well (or even fairly; let's be real here), this is not the employer for you. - Gratis is reserved only for management, who will swipe every last piece with the enthusiasm and conscience of a kleptomaniac. You might score something (probably a tester from a display that's been licked by every customer we've ever had) if you do some product 'training', but that's reserved for cashiers and prestige consultants. Because no other team members get asked product questions by customers (I hope my sarcasm is coming through loud and clear). - Training, demos, and free full-sized product seem to be reserved for the corporate office personnel, who reap the benefits weekly. Which makes sense, because they have no contact with customers and aren't desperate for the product knowledge in order to meet their unrealistic sales goals. And you'll get a good constant eyeful of this discrimination if you're Facebook friends with anyone in who works in corporate. - New management is continuously brought into the store from outside the company instead of hiring internally. I think this is because they can bring in unfortunate, unwitting fools who couldn't get hired anywhere else, for very little pay. They are sent into the store with no training or knowledge of procedures, allowed to operate to the best of their ability for about a month (because not even the other managers in the store can be bothered to give them helpful hints - it's sink or swim, people), and then the higher ups will lower the boom and do the best they can to break their spirits by berating them non-stop regarding why they are over hours or why they didn't finish shipment in less hours than were allotted. I'm sure it's worth every penny of the below market average salary (if you're a GM. The rest of management makes like $11/hour. Cha-ching, am I right?). I like to think of it as instant Karma for management for treating their employees like dirt. - Management that is brought in from other Ulta stores: *WARNING* - You have been brought to Downer's Grove to be fired or so that you'll be so unbelievably miserable that homelessness will seem like a better option. Downer's Grove is NOT a stepping stone as part of your career path with Ulta. I have only seen a couple managers (out of DOZENS) transfer in from a different store and make it out alive to a position in corporate or another store. - Management will never remember what your availability is, even though you hold an honorary degree in writing down your hours of availability due to a long, robust history of gross incompetence. - You will be forced to attend meetings (in dress code, outside of business hours, no less) where you will be ripped a new one for not meeting loyalty card goals. Your (now former) GM will literally be pulling her store keys off her key ring as this is happening, because she has officially reached her BS quota, and she will be giving her two weeks' notice to the after the meeting, with no job lined up. She'd rather be unemployed than deal with this nonsense a second longer. Sounds like a great place to work, doesn't it? Fill out an application today! - I can count the number of 15 minute breaks I've been allowed during my tenure on one hand. Bathroom breaks are likely as close to any kind of break you'll see during your shift. Make sure you're a little on the dehydrated side when you show up for your shift. - Did you know that if you are an Ulta employee, you are also, by default, a thief? If you want to bring anything into the store with you while you work, make sure it's in a clear container, and green dotted, if you purchased it from the store. No privacy allowed here! You will be subject to a mandatory strip search (just kidding, I think), on camera, on your way out of the store when your shift is complete. But ACTUAL thieves will be allowed to help themselves to all the product they wish, and we're taught to essentially hold the door open for them as they leave. Twisted AF.

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  3. 4.0