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Updated Mar 25, 2023

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Varsity Tutors Founder and CEO Chuck Cohn
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Varsity Tutors Founder and CEO Chuck Cohn
Chuck Cohn
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Technical Account Manager

Being a woman in tech, I only recently started advocating for myself at work about advancement opportunities. Because of this I wanted to ask this question to my male counterparts. When you have 1:1's with your direct reports and talk about career growth / aspirations what is your managers’ response typically? I’d like to gauge how my experience (negative) differs from others. For instance are you met with blockades, enthusiasm, dread, etc?



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Top Review Highlights by Sentiment

  • "My hours are flexible and are centered solely around when my students want to have their tutoring sessions.(in 147 reviews)
  • "Flexible Work from home IT is helpful(in 125 reviews)
  • "Flexible scheduling: you dictate your availability for tutoring and you schedule sessions within your timeframe(in 94 reviews)
  • "It is a great opportunity to help students everywhere and communicate with them on line.(in 53 reviews)
  • "Remote work setting C level management is great(in 52 reviews)
  • "Low pay (Considering I was expected to teach even the working professionals in Computer Science(in 277 reviews)
  • "They charge students $80 an hour while paying me only $20? Plus I still have to handle my own taxes and enjoys no benefit!(in 47 reviews)
  • "There's no training; I believe that Varsity Tutors hires tutors whom they feel already know what they are doing and can operate independently.(in 32 reviews)
  • "Advice to those joining: don't accept a low salary thinking you can increase it later.(in 26 reviews)
  • "Don't get excited thinking they will be closed and you will have time off.(in 8 reviews)
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Reviews about "training"

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  1. 5.0
    Current Contractor, less than 1 year

    Great tutor and student connection company

    Jan 12, 2015 - Private Tutor in Chicago, IL
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    Varsity Tutors consistently provides me with opportunities for finding clients. They offer flexibility so I am allowed to accept or reject potential new students without any obligation. They provide information about potential students so that I know a bit about them before I begin lessons. Also, as an independent contractor I have independence as far as planning my lessons and dealing directly with the families; there's no management looking over my shoulder or telling me how I should teach. I find their record keeping system simple and unobtrusive. Overall, it's a great way to meet new students.


    There's no training; I believe that Varsity Tutors hires tutors whom they feel already know what they are doing and can operate independently. Also there is no actual tutoring center, so if you have a full compliment of students there will be a lot of commuting involved, but such is the life of an independent contractor.

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  2. 3.0
    Current Contractor, less than 1 year

    Use it to jump-start/restart your teaching career, but have an exit strategy to find higher-paying work

    Jun 5, 2022 - Online Tutor/Teacher 
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    Independence, no micro-managing about teaching style, 100% remote. Non-exclusive contract, can teach/tutor elsewhere. If you want to practice your teaching skills without the responsibility of a full-time contract and a full academic course load, this is a good starting job. It's a great way to try teaching different subjects/age groups and see what's the best fit for your future career. I'd recommend it for teachers finishing their degrees, prepping for exams, or re-entering the field of education.


    Low pay, especially considering their reputation is built on having highly-qualified tutors. Hard to predict income even if you are a top-rated tutor due to seasonal fluctuations. You're expected to pay for all your own materials, and educational training is not provided (just basic tutorials on how to use the Live Learning Platform.) It can still be a good experience to build your teaching resume, but you will have to look elsewhere for professional development and mentorship. New jobs are usually offered with very little lead time, so you have to be flexible and ready to adapt your schedule. It's a contracted position with no benefits, but the company is clear about that up-front. If you're a newbie teacher, join professional organizations to find free/low-cost training and instructional materials to improve your teaching and beef up your teaching portfolio. There's no social aspect to this job (other than the students you teach and building client relationships), so you have to look elsewhere to find colleagues.

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  4. 5.0
    Current Employee, more than 1 year

    Flexibility and Respect

    Oct 9, 2020 - Tutor Engagement Specialist in Phila, PA