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Wayfair Employee Reviews about "free snacks"

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Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah
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  • "There are also some really great people that you'll meet and be able to work with.(in 476 reviews)
  • "Good benefits and they tend to listen to employee opinions (in my department anyways)(in 332 reviews)
  • "Great culture and lots of people right out of college to make the transition into a new job easy.(in 327 reviews)
  • "Good work life balance and lot of snacks(in 257 reviews)
  • "I am on the promotions team and oh boy I have the best manager and a great team to learn from.(in 128 reviews)
  • "The pay is low and they hold you at specific positions until you have worked in that position for at least 3 months.(in 303 reviews)
  • "Poor management and little to no change in a company that doesn't seem to know what they are doing(in 263 reviews)
  • "Managers don't have experience and there's no guidance and direction for your job.(in 221 reviews)
  • "senior leadership in the design org was really kind but misguided(in 173 reviews)
  • "The salaries are low compared to similar jobs nationwide and very low when compared to Boston and other areas in Massachusetts.(in 160 reviews)

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Updated Sep 24, 2023

Reviews about "free snacks"

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    1. 3.0
      Jan 4, 2021
      Assistant Manager
      Current Employee
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Fun culture and snack wall is decent.


      Salary is low and advancement limited.

      1. 2.0
        Jun 7, 2018
        Buyer and Promotions Associate
        Former Employee, more than 3 years
        Boston, MA
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        • The amazing people you meet and work with side by side every day. I still have a solid friend group I made at Wayfair where I was employed for 3 years and have been gone for over 1 year. • The skills you develop right out of college at Wayfair are beneficial; professionalism (if you have the right manager/team), excel skills, and business skills. • Snacks and benefits (discount on most gyms)


        • The management; absolutely careless and ineffective, does not want to provide clear guidelines on how to move up in the company, also does not give clear guidelines on how to improve in specific areas - they fire great employees instead of growing and help flourish individuals. The best manager I had was one level above me (a L2) opposed to the other Senior Managers (L4's) I had in my time there. The L2 was patient and gave actual productive feedback. The other (3) managers I had either came straight in off the street with their MBA and did not know anything (nor cared to learn anything) or had been there for years where they were grandfathered into their position and only cared about her development and partying at tradeshows. • Extremely catty environment; by the end of time here I had never worked in a more toxic environment than Wayfair. I tried to move teams twice from my first team, the first time my boss promised me a promotion and the second time she tried to set me up as performing poorly so I couldn’t move. Luckily the manager of the next team I moved to knew the “reputation” of the promotions team I was on and was ecstatic to have me. • Promotes drinking/partying past the point of professionalism; I think it is great to promote social environments at the workplace - so having beer and wine in the office would seem great to me but during my time here I saw some of the most unprofessional behavior all across the level spectrum. I have seen directors wasted at tradeshows, directors fired because of the activities at tradeshows, managers wasted at pod outings, and employees being kicked out of company parties. I think it's hard to take Wayfair seriously when you see these things going on over a span of 3 years. The excuse of “were a startup” is way past it’s point.


        We are very serious about creating a company and culture that is impactful, respectful, inclusive and innovative and we regret that your experience did not reflect these values. We do encourage all employees to raise concerns and we provide many different ways to help employees to voice their challenges - anonymously and directly. We appreciate your feedback and we will continue to evaluate how we can better facilitate these conversations to ensure that everyone feels respected and comfortable at work.

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