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  1. "Trained to become Robots"

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    Current Employee - Teller At Wells Fargo in Redmond, WA
    Current Employee - Teller At Wells Fargo in Redmond, WA
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    I have been working at Wells Fargo full-time (More than a year)


    Somewhat ok benefits, but hit and miss with the people you work with. Great way to gain customer experience and cash handling experience. You'll enjoy talking to a lot of interesting customers and getting to know them, but there are certain customers that whatever you do they just hate your guts. They spend a lot of time and money in trying to keep you but only if you're motivated enough to continue to have sales pressure. They will pay park of your tuition for school BUT, you'll have to stay in within the company for 6 more months.


    -Poor work ethics, sales has blinded everyone doing some shady stuff. Too many times where you have to deal with customers saying "I was told to open this and now I'm getting fees" while you suck it up put on a lovely face and pretty much tell the customer sorry but your fees pays for our salary and company profit for CEOs to throw more money at charities. Unfortunately CEO gets all the glory, being the most charitable man and company. But the ones that makes this possible are tellers who go against work ethics to force charge fees on customers and low income customers paying fees. Sales pressure will make you say "Oh you already applied for our credit card and got declined last month? no problem try again today because I'm forced to offer you a credit card anyways not only would it ruin your credit even more but at least I get my manager off my back for one customer"
    -Sale Pressure consistently, even if you're a top gold performer at your district. You'll have a manager who does absolutely nothing and stay silent breathing down your neck. After every transaction they'll ask you "how come you didn't ask about this or that". Never happen to me before but a lot of tellers at my branch gets fired or made them cried and quit because of this. After Rookie quarter you're expected to meet threshold goal which may sound easy but that is getting sales points everyday to either open accounts or get credits card or loans. If you usually have the same customer coming in you'll run out of things to sell other than more checking and savings account which they don't ever need. This is the part that'll eat you up inside, telling customers to open things they don't need and knowing that they'll get fees in the future to save your job? Trying sleeping through the night doing that. If you don't meet the threshold you'll be written up as a warning, second quarter where you don't meet the threshold again final warning, then 3rd quarter termination!
    -Knowing that Wells Fargo "selects" their customers, the "ant colony" like business would reward rich and punish the poor customers. Forcing low income customers who lives pay check to pay check to purchase consistently to avoid fees when all they want to do is save money. When they do pay monthly service fees they don't even get any useful benefits at all, paying $10 dollars a month and they don't even get free cashier's checks. If you're fine working for a company who earns profits through customers fees then so be it.
    -Extremely low wage, and annual wage raise is less than a quarter even if you're a top gold performer in the district every quarter. Not to mention since they forces you to wear suits and ties everyday, you'll be paying a lot on dry cleaning.
    -Sum and all they make you feel like you don't matter, they'll just replace you that's why Wells Fargo have the highest turnover rate.
    -Service Survey, this is a heart breaker. Each day for the duration of your employment you're constantly nervous when these survey comes through. What these are are every time a customer gets helped, they may get a service survey. the survey is a 1-5 rating and its 5 or nothing. The survey will ask 5 core question but one of that question is "Did the teller ask any financial related question" , if any of the 5 core question was a 4 or under they will be asked 20 more questions which gives the manager a chance to choke your neck at morning meetings. And the morning meets are dreadful, its always the same. We got a bad survey and they customer rated us a 4 for not using name, now what we're going to do for the next hour is "Skills practice" (Fake transaction between team members) to make sure we are trained to know how to use names.
    -Now that reminded me, I absolutely hate hate hate skills practice. what it is, is teams members will get together playing roles either as a teller or customers and we do fake transactions. we would do this every morning for 30 mins and every Thursday for 2 hours. and every downtime when there are no customers. My service is genuine so skills practice and role play only trains me to become robots. They will have a practice sheet which you fill out and you must say and do as instructed.

    Advice to Management

    Re-examine sales quality and work ethics, sale pressure is blinding employees to do under the table methods to meet goals which in turn hurts the company's image and value. Have true free account for customers that have no other banking options than Wells Fargo. Those that have basic accounts have free cashier's checks and money order because some rental places forces them to only provide bank checks. Re-examine employee pay and wage raise system. Abandon the idea that you'll just replace that employee with ease. So you'll never make friends within the company since they'll either quit or terminated. Our store have 30 employees quit and terminated within the year I worked there.

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