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Yext Employee Reviews about "culture"

Updated Oct 1, 2022

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Technical Account Manager

Being a woman in tech, I only recently started advocating for myself at work about advancement opportunities. Because of this I wanted to ask this question to my male counterparts. When you have 1:1's with your direct reports and talk about career growth / aspirations what is your managers’ response typically? I’d like to gauge how my experience (negative) differs from others. For instance are you met with blockades, enthusiasm, dread, etc?



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  1. 5.0
    Current Employee, less than 1 year

    Cool products and friendly culture

    Apr 12, 2021 - Analyst in New York, NY
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    Yext's product suite is interesting and constantly innovating, so there is always interesting work coming down the line. Company culture is friendly and fairly extroverted. Even during COVID, there are many opportunities for digital events, book clubs, and learning sessions. The onboarding/training process via Hitchhikers is very efficient and structured, helping new hires get up to speed on the technical aspects of the products quickly. There is a lot of opportunity for internal advancement and movement. Work-life balance is valued and hours tend to be very manageable.


    The company has grown very quickly, so roles and responsibilities for teams often must adapt. This fast pace can lead to some confusion over teams' responsibilities among employees and clients. When considering internal career moves to other teams/parts of the company, it can be difficult to know the salary implications of switching roles, as the salaries for each role are not widely shared within the company.

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  2. 2.0
    Former Employee

    Do Your HOMEWORK and Ask the Tough Questions

    Mar 24, 2021 - Account Executive 
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    -Great reps across the sales org who genuinely want to help each other succeed -Technology is genuinely very cutting edge - Answers is fantastic and poised to take over an untapped section of the marketplace, especially in the wake of digitization brought on by the pandemic -Upper management initially seems to be very understanding of the implications of the pandemic from a sales perspective (notice I said UPPER. Middle management doesn't give a care to what's going on in the world - even if there's an actual coup at the Capitol, you'd better be making your 30 dials!) -Compensation is decent and benefits are standard


    Yext, I wanted to like you so badly. They do a fantastic job during the interview process of getting people completely bought into the vision, dangle the promise of a shiny new NYC headquarters, stock options, etc....which of course depends that you stay with the company once the pandemic is over. However, once you're in seat, the sales culture rears its ugly head. Like other reviews have said, the CBU is a nonstop firehose of belittlement, fear management, unattainable quotas (that keep going up even though the vast majority of reps are nowhere close to hitting them) measured by months...nay, WEEKS, to the end effect that if you don't have something to speak about closing within the next 5 business days, the sheer thought of joining a forecast meeting is anxiety inducing. Sure, some people thrive in this environment. But the end result is then that those who get 'promoted' to managerial roles only continue to perpetuate this cycle of dialing for the sake of dialing with no formal training on things like articulating the Yext value prop, logging activity again for the sake of looking busy, and needless meetings in the early morning and late evening reason other than again, to 'look busy.' The only reason CBU hits their numbers is a few large deals that slip in due to luck. And I'd be curious what the turnover rate must be high. But Yext does not CARE. Yext claims to not have let anyone go during the pandemic. This may be true (I honestly don't know) - but what I will say is that with the massive re-orgs within the sales organization over the last couple months, they have essentially forced a large number of people to quit by slotting them into jobs they did not interview or sign up for. Think enterprise sellers used to year long sales cycles suddenly being held to weekly/monthly quotas and constant cold calling. I knew a few people hired into the enterprise team and then moved to CBU (dramatically different culture) after only 2-3 months on the job - that's essentially how long it takes to go through onboarding with no chance to actually prove themselves before being essentially transferred 'down.' One can only assume how much poor planning had to go into the process of HIRING for a team that presumably was being dissolved in the weeks ahead. If you're considering a role in sales here, ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS. Not just around the team you're interviewing for, but ask about dissolution of teams, turnover, etc. It sounds psychologically secure that they haven't let anyone go during the pandemic until you realize it's just so they can force people into roles that will essentially force them to quit.

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  3. 5.0
    Current Employee, more than 1 year

    Great people and culture

    Oct 1, 2022 - Software Engineer in New York, NY
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    Engineers are excellent at what they do. Culture is very positive and supportive. Good mix of being chill but also taking pride in our work.


    Stock price went way down over the last year, leading a few experienced engineers to take jobs elsewhere.

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  4. 5.0