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3.3 Star Star Star Star Star   www.atkinsglobal.com
www.atkinsglobal.com / Epsom, United Kingdom

“Big Company lots of opportunities” See all Reviews

Atkins is a big company with many disciplines and opportunities for working abroad and secondments into clients sites. Room for managerial and... See all Reviews

2.8 Star Star Star Star Star   www.surreycc.gov.uk
www.surreycc.gov.uk / KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, United Kingdom

“Surrey COunty Council” See all Reviews

Good training and job progress See all Reviews

3.1 Star Star Star Star Star   www.premium-credit.co.uk
www.premium-credit.co.uk / Leatherhead, United Kingdom

“Change is making this a good place to be” See all Reviews

As previous reviews have said, there are a lot of good people working here who are helpful. Service provided to customers is very good, few... See all Reviews

3.6 Star Star Star Star Star   www.cdsr.com
www.cdsr.com / Sutton, United Kingdom

“Great Place to start, bad reviews made by bitter ex under performers!” See all Reviews

Fantastic place to start your career, whilst with CD sales recruitment the management were always honest and would always invest time in you. You get... See all Reviews

3.5 Star Star Star Star Star   www.toyota-global.com
www.toyota-global.com / Toyota, Japan

“All good” See all Reviews

Good play to work little pressure See all Reviews

3.4 Star Star Star Star Star   www.j-sainsbury.co.uk
www.j-sainsbury.co.uk / London, United Kingdom

“dynamic and endless capacity to learn” See all Reviews

The opportunity to experience a learn a range of skills in varying departments and the relevant training to succeed there. See all Reviews

3.0 Star Star Star Star Star   www.nuffieldhealth.com
www.nuffieldhealth.com / London, United Kingdom

“Nuffield Health Overview” See all Reviews

Big business, always new projects to work on, friendly atmosphere around the whole country and employees are valued. See all Reviews

3.1 Star Star Star Star Star   company.tchibo.de
company.tchibo.de / Hamburg, Germany

“Good job and good hours” See all Reviews

Good room for career development See all Reviews

3.2 Star Star Star Star Star   www.next.co.uk
www.next.co.uk / Enderby, United Kingdom

“Horrendous Place of Work.” See all Reviews

Struggling. Guess the bonus was quite nice, if your store actually did well sales wise. See all Reviews

3.6 Star Star Star Star Star   www.waitrose.com
www.waitrose.com / Bracknell, United Kingdom

“Supermarket assistant” See all Reviews

Generous salary including time and a half on a Sunday. Constant training. Only employ genuine and reliable people so easy to get on with everyone on... See all Reviews