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4.1StarStarStarStarStar   www.af.mil
www.af.mil / Washington, DC

“US Air Force”See all Reviews

The AF has provided me the training and skill needed to succeed in my career. I will use these skills to get ahead and continue to do great things...See all Reviews

4.1StarStarStarStarStar   www.larc.nasa.gov
www.larc.nasa.gov / Hampton, VA

“Summer Intern!”See all Reviews

Healthy work environment, good coworkers and if you're into tours the facility is phenomenal to see up close.See all Reviews

3.2StarStarStarStarStar   www.sprint.com
www.sprint.com / Overland Park, KS

“reactive”See all Reviews

great benefits. great environment,See all Reviews

2.5StarStarStarStarStar   www.ibexglobal.com
www.ibexglobal.com / Washington, DC

“The worst job”See all Reviews

The only good thing was training and the paySee all Reviews

2.6StarStarStarStarStar   www.hamptonu.edu
www.hamptonu.edu / Hampton, VA

“professional atmosphere”See all Reviews

work at my own pace; no micro-management; abundance of training by hands-on; always challenging figuring out ways to resolve encountered issues with...See all Reviews

2.7StarStarStarStarStar   www.patientadvocate.org
www.patientadvocate.org / Hampton, VA

“Mission driven company and culture”See all Reviews

Great team and supportive culture.See all Reviews

3.3StarStarStarStarStar   www.sbo.hampton.k12.va.us
www.sbo.hampton.k12.va.us / Hampton, VA

“Employment”See all Reviews

Great group of people to work with. Professional, supportive, fair.See all Reviews

3.6StarStarStarStarStar   www.sentara.com
www.sentara.com / Norfolk, VA

“Nursing Care Partner - Great place to learn!”See all Reviews

Great place to learn and make connections. Worked with so many different nurses, most truly care about their patients and work. Great team work and...See all Reviews

4.3StarStarStarStarStar   www.nasa.gov
www.nasa.gov / Washington, DC

“Engineer Intern”See all Reviews

Great people, Great work, get to see all kinds of cool things and meet awesome like minded people. It also looks great on a ResumeSee all Reviews

2.7StarStarStarStarStar   www.portfoliorecovery.com
Acquired by PRA Group
www.portfoliorecovery.com / Norfolk, VA

“excellant”See all Reviews

best company in the earthSee all Reviews