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3.8 Star Star Star Star Star   www.saga.co.uk
www.saga.co.uk / Folkestone, United Kingdom

“One Saga” See all Reviews

The greatest place to work also we are proud of team effort and everyone got recognition for their contribution. See all Reviews

3.4 Star Star Star Star Star   www.gdmissionsystems.com
www.gdmissionsystems.com / Fairfax, VA

“The smell of death is stalking the halls as the sands of time are running out” See all Reviews

If you had asked me two years ago about life at GD i would have said it was a great employer. The pay was fairly good and it had an excellent work... See all Reviews

3.5 Star Star Star Star Star   www.tesco-careers.com
www.tesco-careers.com / Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom

“Friendly Environment” See all Reviews

I worked within the Fruit and Veg section while in my final year of college. The pay was great for a college student and I was easily able to get... See all Reviews

3.1 Star Star Star Star Star   www.asda.co.uk
www.asda.co.uk / CHELTENHAM, United Kingdom

“Still on seasonal contract after 2 years working 38 hours a week” See all Reviews

Get to meet new people and a decent wage whilst working with a good team of collages And The Public See all Reviews

3.3 Star Star Star Star Star   www.te.com
www.te.com / Schaffhausen, Switzerland

“Shocking” See all Reviews

Generally nice people, good work life balance if you get your head down and do your work in the day. Finishing at 1pm on Fridays. See all Reviews

2.9 Star Star Star Star Star   www.morrisons.jobs
www.morrisons.jobs / Bradford, United Kingdom

“Opportunities for anyone! Great” See all Reviews

Fair pay, anyone with any skill is given an opportunity and great perks such as discounts on health care, UK attractions and car service etc. really... See all Reviews

5.0 Star Star Star Star Star   www.rsegroup.agency
www.rsegroup.agency / Eastbourne, United Kingdom

“Always wanted to work for Mandy” See all Reviews

A very friendly supportive environment. Passionate about what they do. See all Reviews

3.3 Star Star Star Star Star   www.sussexcoast.ac.uk
www.sussexcoast.ac.uk / Hastings, United Kingdom

“Lecturer” See all Reviews

The professionalism that is inherent within all levels of the organisation , the cutting edge environment, the fact SCCH makes a positive difference... See all Reviews

3.2 Star Star Star Star Star   www.mcdonalds.com
www.mcdonalds.com / Oak Brook, IL

“Good first job, opportunity for promotion is there, hours are flexible, try not to stay there too long.” See all Reviews

Flexible hours Fast paced environment Good first job Most of the time if you want time off you will get it Feels like a family environment See all Reviews

3.2 Star Star Star Star Star   www.subway.com
www.subway.com / Milford, CT

“Worst employment policies” See all Reviews

Free meal but there were no other pros as I think this is an absolutely awful company to work for See all Reviews