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4.2 Star Star Star Star Star   www.marines.mil
www.marines.mil / Arlington, VA

“Avionics Quality Assurance Representative” See all Reviews

Leadership, Loyalty, Team Work, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Good Salary, Good Benefits, Great Job Training See all Reviews

3.5 Star Star Star Star Star   www.castlemed.org
www.castlemed.org / Kailua, HI

“Sense of community, great coworkers” See all Reviews

The units are clean and staff is friendly. If there is any equipment needed it will be provided. The overall teamwork on and between units is... See all Reviews

3.4 Star Star Star Star Star   www.sunetric.com
www.sunetric.com / Kailua, HI

“Great place to work!” See all Reviews

Great benefits and employee incentives and events! If you have not worked other places you don't realize how much Sunetric does for its employees... See all Reviews

3.5 Star Star Star Star Star   www.wholefoodsmarket.com
www.wholefoodsmarket.com / Austin, TX

“CS Supervisor” See all Reviews

Meeting people from all different backgrounds who have a mutual passion for sharing healthy food. See all Reviews

3.0 Star Star Star Star Star   www.hawaiipublicschools.org
www.hawaiipublicschools.org / Honolulu, HI

“My experience with Hawaii department of Education is very positive” See all Reviews

The best reason to work with the Hawaii Department of Education is the employee appreciation and rewarding See all Reviews

4.0 Star Star Star Star Star   www.gourmeteventshawaii.com
www.gourmeteventshawaii.com / Honolulu, HI

“Server” See all Reviews

Work in many different places around Oahu. Meet cool people from various places. This company is about excellent service and they have high standards. See all Reviews

2.3 Star Star Star Star Star   www.macmadeeasy.com
www.macmadeeasy.com / Kailua, HI

“Great company to work for” See all Reviews

I have been working here for almost 2 years and I could not be more pleased. The company is nothing like a corporation, where you are just a number... See all Reviews

3.4 Star Star Star Star Star   www.target.com
www.target.com / Minneapolis, MN

“Work rating” See all Reviews

Fast, Fun & Friendly Community based See all Reviews

3.3 Star Star Star Star Star   www.mcdonalds.com
www.mcdonalds.com / Oak Brook, IL

“Go corporate over Franchise” See all Reviews

Close, everyone knows everyone depending on how long you've been there. Promos may or may not come with a free t-shirt and other merchandise. Very... See all Reviews

3.2 Star Star Star Star Star   www.macysjobs.com
www.macysjobs.com / Cincinnati, OH

“Not so Great” See all Reviews

Flexi schedule Nice atmosphere for customers See all Reviews