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4.3 Star Star Star Star Star   lboro.ac.uk
lboro.ac.uk / Loughborough, United Kingdom

“Potential for professional development.” See all Reviews

Plenty of trust and scope to take on projects that interest you. Supportive management and colleagues. Students generally very motivated and keen... See all Reviews

4.7 Star Star Star Star Star   www.vacancy-filler.co.uk
www.vacancy-filler.co.uk / Loughborough, United Kingdom

“Amazing energy and motivation” See all Reviews

All employees at the company have an amazing energy which I have not experienced at any other company before. We are motivated and happy whilst in... See all Reviews

2.4 Star Star Star Star Star   www.intelligent-energy.com
www.intelligent-energy.com / Loughborough, United Kingdom

“Principal Electrical Engineer” See all Reviews

Good Tech, interesting systems projects. See all Reviews

1.9 Star Star Star Star Star   www.dciartform.com
www.dciartform.com / Milwaukee, WI

“Marmon & Incompetent Management have ruined the company.” See all Reviews

There is now nothing positive to say about this company. Before Marmon acquired dciArtform, it was the company to work for. After 3 years Marmon has... See all Reviews

4.1 Star Star Star Star Star   www.lsu.co.uk
www.lsu.co.uk / Loughborough, United Kingdom

“Catering Assistant” See all Reviews

Lovely team, good pay and relaxed working hours that suit your studies. See all Reviews

3.4 Star Star Star Star Star   www.dnvgl.com
www.dnvgl.com / Oslo, Norway

“Integrity engineer role” See all Reviews

Experienced engineers to work with and learn from, interesting and varied work, decent salary See all Reviews

3.2 Star Star Star Star Star   www.costa.co.uk
www.costa.co.uk / Dunstable, United Kingdom

“Good first job” See all Reviews

Seen many team members progress to managers/assistant managers Fast pace Good first job Relatively flexible working hours Good rewards system See all Reviews

3.7 Star Star Star Star Star   www.3m.com
www.3m.com / Saint Paul, MN

“Scientist” See all Reviews

Salary, holidays and flexitime were all good See all Reviews

3.5 Star Star Star Star Star   www.astrazeneca.com
www.astrazeneca.com / Cambridge, United Kingdom

“Good Science” See all Reviews

Interactions with world class scientists Pursuit of interests i.e. method development work alongside project work Supportive management who drive... See all Reviews

3.7 Star Star Star Star Star   www.theaccessgroup.com
www.theaccessgroup.com / COLCHESTER, United Kingdom

“Good Company” See all Reviews

Access is very family oriented and are accomodating. Good working hours. Good pay. Good management structure. Good training. Trip to spain all paid... See all Reviews