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3.3StarStarStarStarStar / Medley, FL

“Logistics Analyst”See all Reviews

Independence in terms of work hours and how you manage your time/processes. Come in when you want, leave 9 hours later, make a differenceSee all Reviews

2.9StarStarStarStarStar / Novi, MI

“Client Service Manager”See all Reviews

High starting salary. Good cultureSee all Reviews

3.5StarStarStarStarStar / Stamford, CT

“Resident Engineer”See all Reviews

Challenging, friendly environment, fast-paced, nice office spaceSee all Reviews

3.6StarStarStarStarStar / Seattle, WA

“Sales Associate Review”See all Reviews

Friendly atmosphere, working there makes you feel apart of a family, and good upper management to guide you.See all Reviews

2.9StarStarStarStarStar / Novi, MI

“growing fast!”See all Reviews

dynamic environment, wonderful co-workers and excellent opportunities. people are willing to work hard and collaborate; not a place where prima...See all Reviews

3.7StarStarStarStarStar / Novi, MI

“Operations Applications”See all Reviews

Good work environment and helpful coworkersSee all Reviews

3.2StarStarStarStarStar / Pune, India

“Great co”See all Reviews

Great Company - depends on the specific role -See all Reviews

2.8StarStarStarStarStar / Novi, MI

“Good Organization”See all Reviews

Good Opportunity and Package is as per market standardSee all Reviews

3.2StarStarStarStarStar / Cincinnati, OH

“The people at Macy's are great”See all Reviews

People who work there are greatSee all Reviews

2.8StarStarStarStarStar / Novi, MI

“Solid Metalworking Company”See all Reviews

When colleagues have issues to discuss, they don't keep it secret. Energetic meetings focus on solving problems. Pretty good IT department supporting...See all Reviews