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3.5StarStarStarStarStar   www.ibm.com
www.ibm.com / Armonk, NY

“The company have good benefits and incentives to their employees.”See all Reviews

They have this tenureship security.See all Reviews

3.5StarStarStarStarStar   www.trendmicro.com
www.trendmicro.com / SHIBUYA-KU, Japan

“Being at your best.”See all Reviews

Technical environment and knowledge sharing between colleagues.See all Reviews

4.2StarStarStarStarStar   www.robinsons-supermarket.com.ph
www.robinsons-supermarket.com.ph / Quezon City, Philippines

“Productive work place but low salary”See all Reviews

They give you vacation leave, sick leave, and also have health care benefits, enjoy credit loans, and gives you extra pay during holiday season.See all Reviews

3.6StarStarStarStarStar   www.abs-cbn.com
www.abs-cbn.com / Quezon City, Philippines

“ABS-CBN”See all Reviews

Family oriented and very Kapamilya in its own way :)See all Reviews

2.9StarStarStarStarStar   www.stream.com
www.stream.com / Eagan, MN

“Good Goals. Poor Execution.”See all Reviews

Talented workforce, hardworking employees, good systems already in place, good locations, clean workplacesSee all Reviews

3.6StarStarStarStarStar   www.mayniladwater.com.ph
www.mayniladwater.com.ph / Quezon City, Philippines

“Great company”See all Reviews

I've been with Maynilad for almost 5 years and it's been great. Working at the treatment plants is great because you have the chance to experiment to...See all Reviews

3.6StarStarStarStarStar   www.dell.com
www.dell.com / Round Rock, TX

“Rollercoaster ride”See all Reviews

You need to be real good in adapting to changes otherwise you'd get left behind.See all Reviews

3.1StarStarStarStarStar   www.teletech.com
www.teletech.com / Englewood, CO

“Great work experience”See all Reviews

Working with TeleTech provides me with a great work experience. I would say that I grew personally and professionally with my stay with the company...See all Reviews

3.6StarStarStarStarStar   www.telusinternational.com
www.telusinternational.com / Vancouver, Canada

“Stressful and tiring work environment”See all Reviews

good training, lots of friday treatsSee all Reviews

2.9StarStarStarStarStar   www.vxi.com
www.vxi.com / Los Angeles, CA

“Tough but rewarding”See all Reviews

Above average compensation. Medical benefits are nice. You can enroll 2 dependents in a span of 1 and a half year. As long as you maintain your...See all Reviews