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3.1 Star Star Star Star Star / Chatham, MA

“Great Place To work and Stay!” See all Reviews

The employees are a joy to work with. Every employee also receives a very low flat rate on rooms that go for $300-3k regularly to guests. See all Reviews

2.7 Star Star Star Star Star / Denver, CO

“A healthy culture change will improve overall managment” See all Reviews

Good benefits, lateral and upward career opportunities. See all Reviews

2.3 Star Star Star Star Star / Vineyard Haven, MA

“Wonderful Smaller Company to Work For” See all Reviews

Very personable in upper management and in district management, run by the same family that started the company based out of Martha's Vineyard. They... See all Reviews

3.2 Star Star Star Star Star / Falmouth, MA

“Fun, but disorganized.” See all Reviews

Working in a small business environment gave me more opportunities to learn and grow. The other employees are fun and great to work with. See all Reviews

4.3 Star Star Star Star Star / Chatham, MA

“I was an assistant server at 28 Atlantic Restaurant” See all Reviews

Surrounded by mostly passionate and really hard workers, really good pay, excellent employee training See all Reviews