How much does a Customer Service Representative make?

Updated Dec 4, 2023



Total Pay Range
$35K - $50K/yr
Base Pay
$34K - $46K/yr
Additional Pay
$2K - $4K/yr


Most Likely Range

The estimated total pay for a Customer Service Representative is $41,828 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $39,307 per year. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated additional pay is $2,521 per year. Additional pay could include cash bonus, commission, tips, and profit sharing. The "Most Likely Range" represents values that exist within the 25th and 75th percentile of all pay data available for this role.

How accurate is this most likely Total Pay range (base + additional) of $35K-$50K/yr?

Related Job Titles

For Customer Service Representative

Some related job titles are Customer Service Specialist Salaries with median pay of $46,385, Customer Service Associate Salaries with median pay of $42,262, Call Center Representative Salaries with median pay of $39,708, Financial Services Representative Salaries with median pay of $63,551.

Top Paying Companies

For a Customer Service Representative in United States

Below is the total pay for the top 10 highest paying companies for a Customer Service Representative in United States. Employers include Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb and SLB.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
1K open jobs
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Top Paying Companies

For Customer Service Representative in United States

1Takeda Pharmaceuticals$60,086
2Bristol Myers Squibb$59,358

What are total pay estimates for a Customer Service Representative at different companies?

Total Pay Range
The Home Depot
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 7,317 salaries from this location


 / yr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 2,522 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 2,266 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 2,027 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,865 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,838 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,818 salaries from this location


 / hr

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Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,565 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,455 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,351 salaries from this location


 / hr
Lowe's Home Improvement
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,211 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,176 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,163 salaries from this location


 / hr
Best Buy
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,160 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,113 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,095 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,047 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 1,021 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 976 salaries from this location


 / hr
Customer Service RepresentativeSee 965 salaries from this location


 / yr
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Customer Service Representative Salaries

Job TitleSalary
The Home Depot Customer Service Representative salaries - 7,317 salaries reported$38,239/yr
Alorica Customer Service Representative salaries - 2,522 salaries reported$16/hr
Teleperformance Customer Service Representative salaries - 2,266 salaries reported$16/hr
TTEC Customer Service Representative salaries - 2,027 salaries reported$16/hr
Amazon Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,865 salaries reported$19/hr
AT&T Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,838 salaries reported$25/hr
Walmart Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,818 salaries reported$16/hr
Verizon Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,565 salaries reported$19/hr
Foundever Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,455 salaries reported$18/hr
GEICO Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,351 salaries reported$20/hr
Lowe's Home Improvement Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,211 salaries reported$17/hr
Spectrum Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,176 salaries reported$17/hr
Domino's Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,163 salaries reported$17/hr
Best Buy Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,160 salaries reported$17/hr
U-Haul Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,113 salaries reported$19/hr
Conduent Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,095 salaries reported$17/hr
Walgreens Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,047 salaries reported$17/hr
Concentrix Customer Service Representative salaries - 1,021 salaries reported$17/hr
Maximus Customer Service Representative salaries - 976 salaries reported$19/hr
Aerotek Customer Service Representative salaries - 965 salaries reported$38,118/yr
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Top Paying Industries

For a Customer Service Representative in United States

The top 5 paying industries for a Customer Service Representative in United States are Aerospace & Defense with a median total pay of $45,053, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology with a median total pay of $43,135, Government & Public Administration with a median total pay of $42,318, Legal with a median total pay of $41,383, and Agriculture with a median total pay of $41,002.

IndustryTotal PayTotal Pay Insight
  • Aerospace & DefenseAerospace & Defense$45,053

    14% Higher than other industries

  • Pharmaceutical & BiotechnologyPharmaceutical & Biotechnology$43,135

    10% Higher than other industries

  • Government & Public AdministrationGovernment & Public Administration$42,318

    8% Higher than other industries

  • LegalLegal$41,383

    6% Higher than other industries

  • AgricultureAgriculture$41,002

    5% Higher than other industries

Aerospace & Defense

Top paying companies in Aerospace & Defense for Customer Service Representative are Kaman, RTX, and ASRC Federal Holding Company.


Glassdoor Economist Pay Overview

What is the pay outlook for Customer Services & Support?

Customer services & support jobs are in increased demand, with general skills offering more options for job-seekers and greater compensation for job seekers with higher education and specialized skills. To remain competitive, job seekers should consider specialization as well as obtaining industry-specific certifications.

Customer Service Representative pay FAQ

The average salary for a Customer Service Representative is $41,828 per year in United States. Salaries estimates are based on 236640 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Customer Service Representative employees in United States.

The highest salary for a Customer Service Representative in United States is $49,628 per year.

The lowest salary for a Customer Service Representative in United States is $35,406 per year.

If you are thinking of becoming a Customer Service Representative or planning the next step in your career, find details about the role, the career path and salary trajectory of a Customer Service Representative.

Customer services representatives receive pay similar to that of financial clerks, receptionists and computer support specialists. Since some call centers operate twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, opportunities exist to earn higher overtime pay by working weekends and holidays. Customer services representatives working for wholesale trade firms and insurance carriers often earn higher wages than representatives working in business support or for retail trade firms. Opportunities exist for advancement into call-center manager positions or sales roles.

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Customer service representative roles feature tips, commission, profit sharing, and bonuses, so professionals can earn $2,520.92 in additional income annually. Professional certification and a greater number of years in the field correlate to higher salary. 66% of customer service representatives on Glassdoor believe their salaries are satisfactory.

Following a customer service representative career path results in higher earnings as your experience and skill levels increase. Working in an in-demand industry, completing professional certification, and gaining experience are all factors that increase salary the longer you remain in the role, with tips and commission also boosting total earnings. The salary range lands between $30,493.37 and $57,820.87, with average earnings of $41,823.37.

Customer service skills are the key to a high customer service representative salary. You can improve your skills in working with people, problem solving, listening, and answering questions through related roles, such as server, cashier, or customer relations. Likewise, many customer service representative roles are available in part-time or work-from-home settings, so you can improve your skills and experience without leaving your current position. Bolster your potential by working in an in-demand industry such as insurance or financial services, which often pay more than retail or hospitality. Certified Customer Experience Professional credentials can also strengthen your standing and help you achieve a higher customer service representative salary.

Employers hiring for customer service representative roles seek out qualified candidates with proven experience. The more customer service experience you have, the higher salary you can request. After a job offer, ask your employer what their pay range is, using your personal experience and expertise to factor yourself in. Do you have significantly more work experience than others in the role? Have you completed higher education? Do you have leadership experience? All of these factors give you sufficient grounds to ask for about a 15% raise. In established positions, consider how your skills have advanced since you've taken the position. Each extra year of on-the-job experience gives you bargaining power.

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